Characters from 1-4

Ok why haven’t these characters haven’t made it to gears 4
Jace stratton
Micheal barrack
Alicia Valera

Plus bring all locus from gears 1 through gears 4 to 5 and put them in horde . Why haven’t that happen yet. And please put all weapons in the weapon locker not separate from other players . Bring back the Hydra shotgun,sheild, flamethrower, and hammer of dawn to horde.

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Also Tai Kaliso

The 2 barrel shotgun on 3

He was in 4.

they will make us wait a year for those lol

It was called the sawdd off, not Hydra.
Unless you’re talking about the Raams Shadow variant, which was called Savage Sawes Off I believe. Hydra was Skorges mount.

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