Characters comparison gears 1-3 and gears 4-5

Now what I wanna speak about here is how likable these new set of characters are compared to the ones we grew up with from gears 1 to 3.

JD - now JD was instantly likable because he is the son of my man my legend Marcus Fenix and Anya stroud so I don’t see how any gears fan wouldn’t like him. He’s personality is fun and charismatic and he really funny compared to the cold and battle hardened Marcus. But even so Marcus will say a joke every once in a while. “This better not be a shopping list” JD was definitely a breath of fresh air for the new generation of gears.

Del - Dom can never be replaced but our new protagonists friend and brother in arms is delmont walker. He’s dramatic and sarcastic nature really suits the 2 of them. The new duo in my opinion will never match the bond that Marcus and Dom share. It’s not a bad thing but in my eyes I see Dom and Marcus as brothers that will die instantly for one another and when I see del and JD I just see 2 really good best friends. Again you have to give credit to the era of peace compared to Marcus and doms era of war and death.

Kait - kait can’t be compared to anyone from the previous games. She’s unique and different and added a whole new light to gears. The three of them literally make the best trio I have seen in games for a long time. We’ve seen a lot of memorable duos in games like master chief and arbiter, Mario and Luigi and Salem and Rios. This new generation team really worked or the new world of gears.

Fahz - now Fahz is one of those characters whose voice and looks really have him that cool tough guy act. But his attitude at the beginning of the game was enraging but as the story moved on I instantly fell in love with fahz. I actually like him more than the JD del and kait. Just looking at how he saved del and his funny sarcastic remarks and the respect he shows Marcus that’s when I knew Fahz is my my man.

I personally think that all these new characters can never resolve the OG delta Marcus and his serious attitude Dom keeping things chill in the middle of war lol bairds sarcastic remarks and coles whoo!!!.. seriously how much more do you need. So here’s the comparison score out of 5

Marcus -5 JD -4 main protagonist
Dom -5 Del-3 secondary protagonist
Baird -4 Kait- 5 tritagonist 1
Cole -5 Fahz -5 tritagonist 2

And one character that I almost forgot…

JACK how could I forget jack without jack delta would still been in the house of sovereigns stuck behind a door lol but seriously without jack new Ephyra would’ve been smitherines. So let’s have it for our real hero jack

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JD was about as bland as a cardboard box in Gears 4(no offense to the box). Del was kinda just… there. Kait felt like the only interesting new character in that game.

They’re all better in 5 though JD has irredeemably hurt himself because of what he did in Act 1. Both himself and in my view. So… now a good character but dragged down because of a certain incident. Del has more of a purpose at least and supports Kait when she needs it. And I don’t really have to go into her, do I?

As far as Fahz is concerned, I absolutely hated him at first. Then they somehow turned him around in Act 3 and onward. So there’s that.

Any further into TCs new characters and I risk opening Pandora’s box… so I’ma leave it there for those.

As old Gears characters go, while they have their charm, I never felt too invested in them because of their over the top muscles and behavior. But still enough to be not happy when Dom blew himself up. Unfortunately for those guys I find Kait more interesting… and a certain Carmine too.

I don’t know why anyone says Kait is a bad character she fine. I loved the OG Delta and I knew in a new game the new cast probably won’t compare as well.

I was right but that didn’t make them bad characters, they’re their own thing. I enjoy the dynamic between the three of them and though the avengers quipping was a little annoying sometimes (seriously why does everyone have to crack a joke at the worst times) a lot of times these characters made me laugh almost as much as the OG’s did.

I think JD’s okay, he’s a little bland sometimes and in the first game is angst against his dad kind of three me off a little but eh. if Marcus was a ■■■■■ then Marcus was a ■■■■■ but you don’t need to bring it up every five minutes. I do liked that in the first act of 5 its shown why JD does what he does. He wants to live up to the image of his father. He feels like he has to being his son why is why he’s always doing something reckless/Semi-Heroic. But he feels like what he did at settlement 2 disgraces that image and he has to live with that. Kinda neat take.

I liked Kait in Gears 4 more than I liked in her 5. I get that her character change from 4 to 5 is a natural progression considering what happened to her mother but Idk she just doesn’t click with me anymore. She’s was my wife’s favorite character as well because of 4 but when she played 5 that kinda changed because she felt Kait was too bitter so she like’s Lizzie more now.

Dels perfect, I liked Del.

Fahz sucks

This is all imo

Jd was sort of bland or didnt have that many big qualities in 5, in 5 he got much better with the incident and his issues.

Del was just…there. Smart guy. Thats it, he didnt have any character development.

Kait was fine in 4 but in 5 she was so damn cringe. Didnt like her in the least in any way.

Fahz felt like a great character, even more so than Del and Kait combined.

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I kinda have a nitpick with Kait. She’s clearly made out to be this anti-COG person and while it’s obvious she doesn’t like Jinn in the game(s), I can’t help but feel TC went a little overboard on the “military” cliché with her. Like, ok, I get it, the COG’s the best option of survival, but what part of that entails Kait accepting the military perfectly fine like she was never raised to hate the COG and doesn’t have any issues accepting what is effectively just an extension of it?

And not a big fan of the tight pants character wise. I don’t see how that fits the character when she’s previously seen wearing clothing that is basically the polar opposite. Oh, and the hat. Don’t question it (too much), I work in weird ways like that.