Characters can now level further -TC made mistakes, levelling is paused/reverted

less than 500 people affected by the level-reset.

Dana confirms PvE is truly dead.


So there will be unlocks past 18, booooooooooooo!

Oh, well then if it’s only 500 people you’re pissing off I guess it’s fine to revert the changes before announcing it then. Their logic makes perfect sense.


I mean it’s only been live a week so meh
Who cares.
It can be done again when op5 drops

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Or 50% of the player base :wink:


I really doubt a lot of people bothered to go for the Level 20 thing as it didn’t provide any unlocks.

Or I’m seriously underestimating how many grinders we have.


I saw @Ektope got some characters to 20,
He must be pissed now.

While I have some insider info I wouldn’t know whether he’d react positively to me sharing it or not… if he doesn’t do so himself.

The mistakes that come around every update is getting beyond a joke. Every update something major seems to be leaked or broken.

I get game development is difficult, and we are in unprecedented times, but this was happening on a regular occurrence before a major pandemic.

What will happen to the guys who got level 20? Will they have to grind back up to 20 again? I’d be a little annoyed (PG forums are keeping me from saying something stronger here) if I had to grind to 20 again.

The rewards better be good if you want people to care about it, especially now people know. And if it isnt, well, it’s a bit late now.


Hopefully he earned some good cards along with that grind and it wasn’t only XP… :grimacing:

Sounds like the smashing of kitchenware was involved somehow… :wink:

I play too horde and really all these mistakes about getting ahead of future updates no longer surprises me as well as their glitch it’s a pity

Considering he has the character skills all maxed… I don’t think he cared for those drops.

No, I just don’t know what I can and can’t share with him.


I don’t really care much, to be honest. Surely we could have had information sooner that they’d be reverted back to 18 and it’s a good thing that it’s happened now already after 2-3 days, rather than a week or month later. 2-3 days is not much and I can do it all again, so there’s not much incentive to play Gears at the moment, except dailies once again. I don’t understand why anyone would think or assume I’d react negatively. That’s a very wild imagination. Maybe that’s how others may react?

There’s a very good weekly bonus in another game, starting today so it’s all good. :wink:


Ive had lots of characters at level 18 for ages, In that time well before this mistake TU ive probably got enough xp to get them all to 20. If people get retrospective reward for just this last week, i want a retrospective reward for the months since my characters got to 18 in the first place.

But having said that i dont really care. I can only imagine the rewards will be scant.


I don’t know m8, could be you were a little pissed about wasted time.

I smelled that part going to be reverted a mile ago. Wasn’t surprised when it happened and wasn’t bothering grinding the levels out immediately.

I just fear we’ll get more new cards to grind for without being able to finally scrap (or “to coin” I guess) duplicate cards.


Reckon more would play if the character grind wasn’t so long winded. It’s ok having boost events every so often but the standard grind is far too slow.

mistakes happen but this lv 20 stuff should have been addressed as soon as the update went live. waiting days to inform people this stuff is being reset is just bad communication.

also, this topic should be changed to indicated it’s unintended and might be a huge waste of time if players specifically go grind to lv 20.