Characters can now level further -TC made mistakes, levelling is paused/reverted

Feisty. Take a thumbs up. You deserve one.

That’s a good point. A year and several months into the games life cycle might be a bit too much for a rework. Particularly if it is as buggy as what this past update has been.


You know anything about the issue I’ve been hearing about the massive overheating problem that system has been registering, lately?

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Which system?

The Series X?

I’ve read that it produces no more heat than the One X which is actually impressive given its 2x as powerful.

Looks like Lizzie’s class will be called “The Pilot”:


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I saw & read that and then like I said, Microsoft confirmed it produces no more heat than the One X.

Anyway, it’s going to get hot.

It’s quiet & powerful.

It’s not going to blow out ice cold air …

And I would hate for any reports to get wind of how hot my PC can get :wink: - you would think you’re in a sauna!


Is this wording (regarding ironman) new or have I just never paid attention? This was leaving a failed frenzy match on Inconceivable. 20201015_060312|690x294

No, it is new.

I was nearly level 20 with Kait this afternoon, logged on tonight and I’m back to 18 :thinking:
Is it just me ?


Nope just checked after reading your post. Mine have all been reset too.

Is there a Dev stream tonight? Might have to stay up late and watch it ask a few questions about this car crash of an idea.


I heard there’s no Developer’s Stream this week. Convenient! For TC obviously.


Me too.

Every extra exp for any characters is gone. I was playing with @Bleeding_Pepper and after he left I lost my exp.

At first I thought that maybe it was for someone leaving the lobby or joining, but now I see that isn’t the problem.

At least I didn’t spend so much time leveling Kat :sweat_smile:


So since obviously some stuff was reverted again. How about Lizzie’s stun barriers? Has anyone tested Paduk’s bleeding barriers again? Are the loading-times in saferooms quicker again?

Also how did this patch pass certification process…? Must’ve been a terrible certification process.


Correlation does not equal to causation. :stuck_out_tongue: I had to go to get dinner.

This stuff also happened last TU, mind you. Except perhaps slightly worse since it had restored all barrier effects.

With all due respects, it does not paint a very positive picture that this keeps happening. I don’t claim to know better since my knowledge in coding is extremely basic and definitely wouldn’t be adequate for this type of task… but it still doesn’t seem great when patches keep reverting the game to a prior version of the code which then is quickly reverted by TC with no prior mentions or explanations to players for some things.

But then since we are getting “future content” that we weren’t supposed to see, I guess that cannot be talked about🙄

Edit : It appears Dana has given some clarification to the Level 20 deal. Read the two responses in this message chain.


I’m waiting to get final confirmation on this.


Nice quick find.

Point still stands though. I do not understand how they can do such stuff multiple times in a row. How difficult must it be to check for something that you might not want to be leaked.

I assume since a bunch of people left the company, the others guys are left with what I’d like to call “spaghetti code”. So basically they have no idea of the structure of the code that was once designed and are therefore doing easy mistakes because they basically have to read through what the previous workers have designed again. That’s just an assumption though because it can be kinda similar here in the company I’m working in.

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Mine just got reset back to 18. 42k xp lost

I’m already wondering whether to start bets on how often Op 5s changes get reverted whenever a TU happens. I’d find it funny if this stuff didn’t keep happening so often. Much as I appreciate the effort TC is putting into things they don’t have to do like the hero system removal, it’s starting to get a bit old…

Although the character level being temporarily reverted is not a big deal for me right now as I only did some Frenzy matches with Lizzie over the last few days so not much progress was lost.

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