Characters and Skills Missing

I mainly play Horde and since the update to Operation 4 I have lost Emile who I mainly play as, my other unlocks including my Terminator skins and all of my Skill Cards.

If a mod does decide to lock this thread can they please put a link to the ones that do address this issue because I can only find one on this topic which you locked.


It’s probably best to summit a ticket at
Be prepared to wait. Support can take a while.
Good Luck.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Wasn’t sure if it was an isolated or bigger issue and whether it was worth going that far.

Will have a look.

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My skill cards are visible in the lobby but don’t work or show in the pause menu in game. Except for jack. Infuriating.

I just checked again and they are back again. To anyone who did anything, thanks.

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