Character & Weapon Skin Game Transfer?

Who here would really appreciate TC allowing the characters and weapons skins that we have accumulated over the lifetime of Gears 4 to be transferred over to Gears 5? (especially the esports ones) I know that they have to recreate the characters for a new game that has better components but we could at least get those new updated versions of those characters if we unlocked them in the previous game. And I understand that one might think that this might never happen because TC and Microsoft wants to make $$$ and this would be counterproductive to that but would it really? I mean we all have seen how TC has no shortage of ideas for character variants (just look at how many JD’s we have lol)

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I don’t mind either way, I’m not expecting it but would be a nice bonus if TC did this.

They have said it’s not a simple copy and paste and that they haven’t yet discussed it as the game is still a little over a year away.

How close to launch / post launch this would / might get announced is anyone’s guess but they have acknowledged the idea.

Backward compatibility would be great, that way future titles can focus on entirely new characters. But on the other hand it has to come to a certsin point in moving away from legacy characters.

I would rather see they work on brand new content than focusing on bringing back old content that we played countless times on.

If you want to play legacy content then play Gears 4.

TC did comment on this topic, and that’s its too early to discuss at this time. So I would wait closer to launch of Gears 5 for TC to answer this question.

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No way are they going to cut into their profits like that. They’re in this biz to make money. They won’t comment because they’re not doing it.

I wouldn’t expect all Black Steel skins to be transferred over (though that would be awesome!) but it would be nice if players who have bought eSports packs got something to show for their support. For example a gift of a few of the new eSports character skins on Gears 5 as a thank you for our support would be nice.

I doubt it would ever happen, they haven’t done this before and doubt they will for the next game.

Oh I didn’t know they discussed it already. Thanks

Technically did sort of did this with Gears 4.

For example Gears:UE Anya was already one as a day one character. (The one that she looks like she has a different face in the Helicopter cutscene in Gears:UE before cog soldier behind her get shot).

Perhaps only a select few from 4 will get a Gears 5 updated variant. Who knows.