Character visibility decreases with every new skin

I’ve seen this trend develop since the game came out, a new grey cog here, a new red skin there, with every new skin the character visibility decreases. Some combos are much worse than others. Take Bernie for instance, this character is more grey than a locust drone and much more ugly, slap a midnight omen on that thang and its done. Sweater imago? Far too cozy for a swarm, grab a syndrome and its done. Thrashball drone? Its clear this guy has fully integrated into cog society, grab that syndrome harder than Mr. Incredible and its done.

The game was so much better when most of the characters were colourblast. One team is bright orange/red, the other is bright blue/green. Please TC, add more colourblast characters and bring the visibility back to gears!


Should’ve gone to Specsavers.


I’ll have you know i got a C- on my drivers license vision test.


I was on swarm and i saw bernie and i actually thought it was a teammate and then i died lol

Eh, I think the humor was lost but the subject matter is one that drives me crazy. Aaron Griffin looks like Theron Elite when you’re moving fast. The thrashball guys look WAY too similar and should have more bold color schemes. Zombie Dom and Minh used to confuse the tell out of me. I used to think it was because I am always running and bouncing but I’ve heard others say the same thing so I know it’s not just me.

I think they did a really poor job differentiating the characters for such a fast paced game. When I started playing this I would use red swarm pod guns on zombie COGs and could sometimes literally walk past Swarms in Guardian and kill their leader. I’d approach their spawn and start shooting toward my own teammates to blend in. I can’t tell you how many times I got served the long-beatdown for doing this. lol.

I can identify swarm footsteps vs COG ones except for Myrrah, who sneaks up on me and by the time I think, “Maybe I should check”, I’m already gibbed.


Another thought provoking post from our resident philosopher teady bearz.

The humor is never lost on me.

I’ll add that when I first started playing as a literal Bambi a few months ago getting my ■■■ whooped by bronze 1 players I would dawn the DB with blue heart lancer and gnasher. I used to think this helped blend me in and trick the COG and it actually did sometimes.

As I become more accustomed to the characters I’m never tricked with maybe the exception to Zombie Dom a time or two but it was just briefly.

I have to say I have fun from time to time attempting to MVP with my colorblast DB and Oscar

That’s why I wasn’t against the glow the way it was when the game first dropped, but of course people thought it was making it too easy :joy::joy::joy::joy: to spot enemies on other side of the map so they nerfed the glow and now this happens, I still use some combos from time to time and fool the enemy team, I guess that’s what people wanted so there you go…

Don’t even get me started on guardian, there should be no world where teams are allowed to have five vintage Marcus or five palace guards. Truly a 24 karate mode. New skins have really messed that up.

On Guardian, Onyx Gold Swarm also makes it little more difficult to distinguish the Leader.
Some Black Steel characters also confuses me, especially when I’m moving quickly and all I see are shades of Black Steel Armour.
Who could it be, BS Scion, BS Baird?
I noticed non-bright default characters with default skins blend in the Map surrounding easier.
I even walked past a Savage Kantus…