Character unlock challenges, is there a way to get them locally?

I was focusing on unlocking the warden and noted that the escape challenges are still at 0… I have no problem grinding for a character, but forcing you to play with others is a bad move imo, specially when all the players ditch within the first 3 minutes after the game starts.

Horde is fine, but escape… Ive been unlucky with it. If i stay in the game is hard to advance on my own.

Lowkey miss the days where you can unlock everything at your own playing a local match.

Any tips for this?

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Play gears 3 instead.

Sorry for the sarcastic response.I know you want to play this game but the game doesn’t love us back.

I gave that game several years of my life. Went back to it a few weeks ago, lag fest and tons of bots, barely playeable now. Guess is time to move on.

Guess you could always occupy yourself while you wait by playing one of those sandbox games.if that’s your thing

Hm, that’s strange. I unlocked the warden by only doing private escape. Bug maybe?


I unlocked the Warden and did all the Escape and Horde requirements solo on Beginner Custom matches.