Character suggestion pleASE

can you guys put judge dredd, iron man, wolverine. ill be so happy if can add this characters to roster in the future.

Are you trolling? :face_with_monocle::thinking:



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what to do mean trolling.

They are joking as these threads have come up before and the general consensus is people don’t want guest characters, except sometimes for the ones they personally like.

Please feel free to voice your opinion though :slight_smile:


Exactly what @GhostofDelta2 said mate. Most of people don’t really want the current guest characters we have. The community feels they don’t belong in GOW/Gears games. I can see the appeal of guest characters but we still don’t have many original characters in the game.

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damn, i never thought people would hate this characters wtf i thought they would be cool.


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No…? NNOOO!!!

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Please stop. These characters have nothing to do with Gears at all. Terminator was because of the promo for the movie and those idiots Run the Jewels or whatever, I am not sure why they made it to the game either.

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You clearly misjudged the lot of Gears players when it comes to feature characters.

The main thing, is that there are still lots of characters from the GOW universe who haven’t been released yet, and alot of fans want to see these characters appear as a priority instead of feature guest characters. I mean, we haven’t got Dizzy, Anya, Hoffman, Griffin, Jace, Tai, Prescott, Valera, Sofia, Barrick, Skorge… and there’s lots of variant Locusts like Flame Grenadier, Beast Rider, Sniper, the Lambent etc.

Also we’re all GOW fans first and foremost. I genuinely don’t follow Marvel or 2000AD (although I did see the recent-ish Dredd film with Karl Urban and that was pretty decent), so you’re kinda relying on cross-over appeal and quite simply some people just don’t necessarily follow these franchises. And even if they did, it may feel wrong to them to have cross-over characters. I mean I like Halo and Terminator, but if up to me I would have left them out of GOW5.

Fun fact - I have also seen the 1995 (?) Dredd film with Stallone in it, but I only actually saw it because of the soundtrack. I owned the OST before I saw the film because there are some brilliant bands on it! The film itself was absolute rubbish.

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Dredd at least would be fitting, but I can’t picture Iron Man running around with a shotgun.

no man … they won’t be added.

if any character outside the Gears of War Universe would be added is GRIMACE period:


The only guest character that’s awesome is Emile

I mean, we do have the nutcracker running around in game.

Why not!?!

why not have cross overs, people would like them it make the game more fun. Its just a suggestion, it doesnt hurt have my opinion.