Character skins should not be in Tour of Duty

They should either be earnable through totems or purchasable.
I don’t want skins locked behind time-gated crap like this.

I want to get all the Kait skins for example. But I’m screwed as I cannot acquire E-Sport Kait for example or Desert Armor Kait as it’s too far into the reward pool for Tour of Duty in a way it feels like a grind. They should should just sell them.

No just no.

The ToD isnt that hard to get through especially with double star Saturdays. Also the Esports Kait was a promo for Gears 4 and there was plenty of time before hand to know how to get it

Most skins were craftable at some point in Gears 4.


I will personally tell TC since the TOD is such a huge hindrance for you to collect skins, to change it to what you mentioned. I am sure they will listen since you have so graciously asked.


No. ToD is fine. Seriously stop with the whining. You guys literally whine about EVERYTHING.


Wait hold on.

You want the character skins for a particular character, but you would prefer to buy them instead of playing the game to unlock them?

I don’t know about everyone else, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of buying a video game? I personally want to have some gameplay with my games…

Granted the time limited nature of TOD’s are frustrating, but paying for them is evem worse.


Yeah I whine because two years ago when packs were all the rage 70% of forum posts were “Give us Gears 3 unlock system!” TC read these and went…

“So…free limited battlepass?”

ROFL no.


Ya dude really hard to get daily stars for eliminations as JD or a win on bunker or 5 drag kills…oh no wait you can do all in one run lol. Look at that 5 stars! 10 if it’s Saturday! I know a bunch of people who completed TOD and I am 5 stars away still 10 weeks left in the tour! Ya spend less time here more time playing and you would have that Kait! Deal with it! Rock ‘n’ Roll


Well for one it is a grind…that’s supposed to be completed over 3 months. Also, TC said all ToD skins would be cycled into the store for purchase some time down the road.

So you’d rather have crappy RNG based loot boxes than this?

The system they have in Gears 5 is aimed to please all parties. Those who wanna play and grind for content, and those who just wanna pay. No RNG. You get what you play or pay for. As for time limit…3 months is more than enough time to complete the ToD, especially if you take advantage of Double Star Saturdays and even easier if you complete some Medals.

The quality of the content? Sure that can be debated. I agree ToD should have better rewards.

But the system? It’s fine.

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Yea but I want them NOW and I dont want to have to do anything for them

It’s fine. But it’s not what a majority of people wanted. And yeah it appeases all but it does appeal to grinding,

I disagree. The daily objectives are pretty easy and straightforward. Get 60 Shotgun kills, get 20 kills as Marcus, etc. These are pretty easy and come naturally if you just play the game. Play on Saturdays and they’re all doubled.

As for the Medals, yes those are more difficult and more grindy, but they also reward a lot of stars. And to be honest, a lot of them unlock if you just play the game normally. I’ve unlocked a bunch of medals without even realizing that I was going for them.

It’s just really odd man. People complained about the RNG loot boxes in Gears 4 and said they wanted to play to unlock content. TC makes a system for that in Gears 5, and now nobody wants to play or “grind” for content.

It’s ridiculous.

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What I will agree with the OP is that I hate the time-gated approach with these skins regardless of how easy and simple everyone says it is to do. It blows knowing I won’t get Desert Armor Del because I’m asked fu** all to do these boring Horde objectives. I’m gonna miss out on a skin forever just because a game mode is not to my liking. That sucks.

Same exact situation but I’m the (W)horde player here, I’ll miss out on whatever stuff they add to the Versus category next Tour.

I’ll probably miss all of it because they will put the good characters AT Major and General probably and I’m not about to waste more time playing for them.


Lots of people keep saying Saturdays are double stars but they aren’t. Only way you get the double star reward is if you’ve got a boost active which last I checked cost actual money to buy. So no if your unwilling to buy boosts your not gonna have double star advantages. With that said you still have 3 months to aquire general in the ToD so if you can complete 4 dailies plus even half the extra tour medals you should be more than fine completing each tour.

I felt the same way, but in reverse. Only play versus and hardly touched any other mode in previous Gears games. But in the end I put my big boy pants and completed the ToD anyways.

Not sure I’ll be able to do the same next operation.

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Momma’s proud of you! Good job!

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I’m having the same issue here. I don’t feel any motivation to even boot up the game anymore because I get sh*tty Escape and Horde challenges. Even when I get Versus medals I get bored easily because the Versus ain’t nothing special compared to previous Gears games.

Also, let’s not forget that Desert armor Del skin is in the campaign and he’ll be gone forever since there’s no indefinite way to unlock him… That’s unacceptable.