Character skins question

If i buy a skin for a character that i have not unlocked will it give me the skin when i unlock the character or does it glitch and not give me anything.
Because i want to buy cyclops but i havent unlocked drone. So i was thinking should i buy cyclops now and unlock drone later

It should give Cyclops skin once you unlock Locust Drone.

But why does it matter which order you do it?

I would personally unlock the base character Locust Drone first.

I would but im not spending real money im spending iron which i got out of the tiers. And cyclops is only in the store for a week and i wont be able to unlock drone within a week because of the 60k points mission

Maybe buy Cyclops first then.

You’ll have forever to complete 60k XP challenge for Locust Drone, more than a week.

You must unlock the character first otherwise you cannot use the skin

Yeah, it works. I did that with the Bolter. Bought him first, then unlocked the drone.

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Ok thanks

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