Character selection

When i choose my character it resets it to the default one. Anyone else having this problem.

A friend told me that there are some download settings which optimises the game for certain consoles (depending on if it’s an older XBox One, Series X, or Series S). I can’t remember which combination, but if I remember correctly, if you are say, on an X Box One and choose the setting to optimise it for a Series X, then it automatically only installs certain files, and will omit your customisation files and this leaves you with just the default skins to use.

Could it be anything to do with this?

I swap from Series X to PC to XB1X to XB1S depending on my location and I’ve never had this issue come up. So I’m not sure it’s related, unless I’m misunderstanding something. They all have different optimizations by default.

Then again, I’ve never once played Gears 5 on a base Xbox One, so maybe that could cause the issue?

I’ve had this a few times where all the launch characters swap to default skins and all my cards on all classes are unequipped

Is it possible you’re not connected to the internet or Gears 5 servers? I’ve had similar things happened before and had to close out the game and relaunch.

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