Character Mobility

I was wondering do certain characters move faster than others? For example, I feel slower and heavier with Classic Marcus but I feel fast and nimble with the regular armored Marcus. Is this a thing or just in my own head???

Just in your head

If you think not just play offline with two chars one like a scion vs reyna and hold the run button on both controllers to test

Its hard to explain. I know everyone runs at the same speed but when I play as Classic Marcus I feel heavier and slower. I feel super fluid when I play with Kait in comparison. I could be just me but I was wondering did anyone else feel like this…

It’s just optics. I wall bounce and even aim better with certain characters (mostly the lean ones) because the way they are shaped helps me line up my shots and wall bounces better.

They don’t actually move any faster at all. I just use them better than someone like Uzil who blocks my view.

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Yeah, speed is not an issue but lining up my shots with SK in this particular gears is so awkward. Same with the Raam on steroids.