Character Leveling Details

TC made Gears 4 into a grindfest, they won’t do anything different for Gears 5 nor 6 for that matter.

Where TC screwed up is their business model, instead of just putting everything out for 2000 Gears Coins why not just use more of these cosmetics as in game rewards for achievements/challenges? seems like a misstep to me.

There’s a difference between a reasonably achievable grind and the ridiculousness they’ve done here. Plus the lack of adequate methods - that they keep removing - to lessen how much time it takes to get through the Reups isn’t helping.

Of course the rewards also play a large role and that’s the main part where they’ve screwed up there. But the way the XP curve for Reups is completely disproportionate from 16+ onwards also is not really a great thing. The least they could’ve done is spread it out over more Reups(and I am of the opinion they quickly crammed 21-50 in as a way to satisfy the grinders who reached 20 too quickly without minding that they clearly initially intended Reup 20 as the end goal, at least at first, given its presence in Seriously 5.0 chapter 1 and the 2,000 XP increase between Reups 15-20 for each one of them.

I have a friend that’s easily done over a thousand Gears 4 speedruns, aren’t even close to hitting max rank in Gears 4… You wouldn’t call that ridiculous? What about seriously 4.0 and its horrendous ribbons? Gears has always had absurd achievements/progression systems.

I think its important to put this into context.

The ONLY Gears game that had no progression system was Gears 1, and although Gears 2’s wasn’t ridiculous by today’s standards it gave you almost nothing for doing Horde, and going to Gears 3 they added reups only after a few months had passed and they found that tons of people had already reached max rank, Epic found that rewarding players for the time they invested was the best solution, and TC pretty much just went with that strategy but with piss poor rewards.

There is a fine line between making a progression system that is rewarding and (hopefully) fun for players and one that is unrewarding and just feels like a waste of time, I don’t even bother playing Gears 5 because XP is so irrelevant that the only real value I get for my time nowadays is cosmetics (via Gears Coins) and/or fun (Versus on occasions)

The reason folks were trying to level up their characters was that they believed (optimistically) that they would be rewarded for it, whether through cards or Gears Coins or whatever, if they leveled up characters for no real purpose or reason why bother feeling slighted? I tried leveling up my Lahni because I wrongly believed I could get that Claw card but oh well :roll_eyes:

Edit: The lesson here is that you should do something because you genuinely want to, not because you are coerced into it, it is up to you as to what you put up with.

Well you’re in luck, right now I am not going for Reups because there quite simply is no incentive for me worth bothering, or at least the personal ‘achievement’ of it isn’t worth the grind(no, Team Ice isn’t, especially not when it still has that ridiculous ugly omen plastered all over it… and even without it the skin would be meh at best). If the Op 5 Reup rewards are worth it, that may or may not change.

And I didn’t specify which game I was talking about. Gears 4 was just as bad, at least once you reached the Wings after Reup 10. I only ever went to Wings 5 in that game as it was my own goal but I question if the effort to get there was really worth it in hindsight. Beyond that I didn’t really play the MP prior to Gears 4… but the evidence still speaks for itself when I look at the Gears 3/J medals.

I may or may not have bypassed the majority of the terrible Gears 4 ribbons by luck or boosting(which I hear wasn’t always viewed very fondly, not that it matters now, but it was to be expected with how dumb some of those ribbons were). Would I repeat it now? Probably not.

And I’m not sure where the assumption came from people would get rewards for leveling their characters to 20 when it was neither included as a change in any patch notes nor were there any rewards or 19 and 20 even shown in the character progression tab.

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It wouldn’t be if it was an isolated problem. But EVERY update there’s something. And reverting changes 2 days after a TU went online while bringing back issues that were fixed months ago is a new low.
Even for TC.

I reckon most will start running their LE-script again.

Yeah, idk either…

That card was not shown to be unlockable anywhere and only visible in the customization menu/skill selection, so players were going off of a very unreliable assumption that it would be.

And no other character had anything showing. The levels were pointless. And the issue still is how TC handles this non-existant ‘problem’.

I heard TC was banning people for this(using scripts) but I’ve no idea if that is accurate information. And not the point I was making.

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It LITERALLY says “Unlock by leveling up”. Sure, it didn’t work, most likely because it wasn’t supposed to be there yet.

Well, they certainly missed some people then.


The actual progression tab for characters which you find by clicking on where the level is shown never showed the unlock. I’d rely on that.

But there’s no real point in arguing on this specific point, we all know it came down to TC screwing up and handling it in this not really appropriate way.

Talking about problems @TC_Sera, the squad feature (pressing LT) is broken, doesn’t work. I can’t see friend who joined my squads.

The only way I would care about skins and re-up rewards is if you could take them onto the next game. That’s the biggest failure. I’m not chasing something in gears 3 4 or whatever if it doesn’t carry over to the next game.

By the time I hit re up 50 gears 6 will be out and it’s all irrelevant unless there’s a gears 3 Type glitch where I could plug in an auto fire controller and spot weapons while I slept and wake up to max level. Other than that I don’t see the point.

They could introduce something similiar to Gears 3 “Old Guard” Emblem you could show off in lobbies.

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Not true, you get skill cards for grinding which will later be scrap :wink:

After giving it a bit more thought I think people are justifiable in being upset about it. It’s not just the level cap being reverted it’s their lost time, the lack of warning, and the horrible solution to the “issue”.

I’ve been really supportive of TC but they haven’t made a good decision here. Why such a rapid response to a harmless level cap and yet no fixes for the exploits in escape, and PC player’s running scripts in versus? Things that actually do affect the player’s enjoyment of the game.


I thought you knew this already. TC loves to jump on things that don’t affect anybody(DFB in Horde for Reups, for example). But stuff that has an effect on gameplay experience? We sometimes wait months for fixes.


I feel like that’s more because people will be playing Gears 5 with Series X and S, as opposed to TC “wanting” to fix these campaign bugs.

And I imagine it would be a bit embarrassing if people came back to the campaign to see the same bugs still exist over a year after.

I’m glad they have done, but this should’ve been done over a year ago, and I question the underlying motives. If TC wanted to fix these bugs they would have done so months ago.

Or maybe it just proves how broken the game was out of the gate, and how this game desperately needed more months of polish.


Underlying motives? :thinking:

seems a bit harsh for bugfixes.

Its a cake that needed more time in the oven, that being said the larger issue is that TC (as a company) haven’t really made up their minds, changes to the store are an obvious example of this, this means that its difficult to understand their decision making. No amount of dev time magically fixes bad ideals.

Edit: the solution here is to get everyone on board with every decision that is made, that way when a decision is made (whether good or bad) they can just accept the result, nowadays they could easily just do a 180 in terms of design decisions and say “oh yeah we don’t really want to do this or that anymore” and that’s bound to be a catastrophe.


Oh I know, I guess what I’m saying is that a lot of the previous mistakes (and even exploits) weren’t bothering me as I was prepared to give TC (a lot of) time to change things for the better, especially given the current climate of things:

Working remotely
Series X|S updates
DLC (I’m assuming)
Massive management shakeup
Reimagining PVE
New Ranked System
Complete balance overhaul for PVP
The list goes on…

But the fact that the level 20 cap snafu got focused on and yet we’ve had glaring (and high profile) issues:

In Escape

Multiple Claytons
Infinite Cog Tags
Generic Aimbot (actual name redacted)

In Vesus

Generic Aimbot
Wall Bouncing Scripts

These are really big problems that destroy the experience for everyone (except the cheaters who won’t invest time to get good) and have been around for a very long time and yet none of these issues has been dealt with or even mentioned (to my knowledge)

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The unnecessarily added waiting-time in between chapters is worse than the things you listed.


I don’t even know how that slipped my mind, it was driving me insane last night


The cherry on top is that TC doesn’t even seem to know that this is a thing.

Or they’re pretending not to. Not sure what’s worse.