Character Leveling Details

Actually better than cleaning up their data if the character model api initialization checked for it’s own unlocks then the circumstance would be self correcting AND distributed

So tell me if I am right or wrong here and I hope I am wrong. I have characters that have gone beyond level 18. I am now being asked to not play them because it will essentially result in a loss in experience meaning time wasted? Only 2 characters are level 18 and have not been played since the level increase became available. Please tell me I am wrong.

To be fair, I would feel sorry for anyone who have been level 20, and next thing you know they have reset back to 18. All that hard work of grinding for absolutely nothing. Smh. It’s a disgrace.

Wouldn’t lie to you bud.

I almost want somebody to go to and see if they consider this kind of xp manipulation and greifing inappropriate. I have no clue whether it can even get off the ground but wrecking peoples progress is as hurtful as other kinds of destructive behavior and shouldn’t be tolerated .


This is … I mean … What am I supposed to do now? Play Lahni and Mac until OP 5? This has got to go down in history as one of the biggest F ups a developer has ever done.


They’re the two I play most. I’ll have to resort to playing characters I’m not fond of now.
Boo TC, boo indeed.

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I would have thought that a better method, is simply to manually adjust XP individually for the affected players. TC will have records of our XP, so draw a line under what has been gained as of this point. Collate the XP gained and when Op 5 goes live just add it onto whatever we have gained since. I mean, less than 500 players have been affected after all! And TC have manually added things before on a fairly similar scale with things like reward weapon skins which were not received, weapon skins claimed during stream events etc.

Although I must admit I question the number 500 affected players. I suspect 500 refers to the number of pkayers who have one or more characters reach level 20. There will no doubt be many more who have just gained XP and we’re at level 19, or part way to level 19 etc. I mean statistically if you consider the Escape map leaderboards each percentile consists of a couple of hundred people each, so multiply that by 100 and we have a much larger number of people who have played the newest Escape Hive since it launches a week and half ago, so…

Remind me, who said it was less than 500 people?

Was it by chance the same person who said it should only take a few days or weeks to get 100,000 verses kills by just playing?


To be fair, I’ve seen worse. Back in gears 3 when I signed into my account and all of a sudden my stats, medals and my re-up was reset. And I still remember till this day. I was very close of getting seriously 3.0 medal (96%)… How do you think I felt?


Oh trust me I felt the pain of stat removal in Gears of War 3 as well. Everything gone from horde defences to every medal but I did say its one of the biggest F ups and Gears of War 3 is in their too. Did you know that bug is still in Gears of war 3 to this day lol.

Heh, yeah, it was Dana. He mentioned it on his Twitter account.

But as I said, the leaderboards themselves tell a very different story when it comes to PVE player numbers in the last 10-ish days and I think it’s clear that his reference to less than 500 players being affected is a half-truth. It’s a very slippery misuse of figures. While I can’t 100% say that I know where he got this number from, like I said my theory is probably that it refers to the number of players who had one or more character levelled to 20. :smiley:


I recall everyone being against TC raising the level cap, now people are going in the opposite direction.

All about that grind.

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To be fair, I’m still against raising the level cap. I suspect many others are too. But TC have made their minds up and this cap increase will be going ahead in Op 5 whether we like it or not.

At this stage, I’m just curious what levels 19 and 20 will give us. Whatever it is, I just hope it doesn’t spoil PVE. I’ve heard all kinds of different theories. One is that it will unlock new skill cards, and a slight worry is what these skill cards will be and whether it will overpower characters (or classes as it will be in Op 5). Another idea I heard is that we’ll be able to equip a 6th skill card, which again could potentially change the way characters/classes are balanced.

Yeah but people invest so much into this game that 1 or 2 days of grinding being void is considered and I quote “one of the biggest F ups a developer has ever done” that sorta tells me that TC will just be emboldened from now on.

Well we know full well that TC will be adding cards, maybe not to all or most characters but Del/Lahni and a few others are definitely getting more cards so they’ll just elongate it and seperate card unlocks, another possibility is Gears Coins/skins/whatever garbage they decide to throw in there, it’ll mean far more for newcomers into PvE than people with level 18 characters.

I seriously think that TC just thinks level 20 sounds better than level 18 and that was the main reasoning behind it.

most characters are already overpowered in my opinion, I highly doubt TC can do any worse. I expect them to add cards that focus on giving characters more options, Lahni’s Claw card is one such example.

I concur. I am not asking for level 19+ characters/classes. But TC has made their decision. Burying my head in the sand and thinking I can wish levels 19+ away won’t do a bit of good. That’s the crap part of “we don’t discuss future content”.

How can we, the community, the current players, the active folks give useful thoughts, ideas, or opinions to TC? The answer is we can’t. Had TC not goofed, we would not know that level 19+ was coming until MAYBE the week before it launches. By that point, the ship has already sailed, as it already has now. If TC continues to refuse to discuss potential future content, there is no way for us to provide useful data to help guide the ship on a course that the major will like.

Think about all of the maps that has been in Gears. When’s the last time TC had a poll to see what legacy maps the community wants to see return? Yeah, I can’t think of a single time they’ve tried to get our opinion. Their guiding data is the “Blood Drive was the most voted for map in matchmaking in Gears 4”. I’m sorry, where did we have the option to vote for maps like River, Jacinto, or Mansion when in Gears 4 matchmaking? Considering they weren’t in Gears 4, we couldn’t vote for them. But that somehow means the community still doesn’t want them.

The fact of the matter is, TC just decides what they want to do, and make the data look like it supports the choice they already made.


To be clear: Everyone I talk to about this game IS against raising the level cap. Arbitrarily increasing the grind and asking people to do more of the same crap they’ve been doing since launch is neither creative nor fun.

But since TC just showed their hand that they are doing it, and then pulled the rug out from under us… it’s just the latest crappy move by an even crappier dev.

Seriously, every time I feel like something might be going in the right direction for this game, junk like this occurs. It’s always been 1 step forward and 3 steps back with TC.

OP5 will probably bring some good things to the game, and everyone will be happy about them. But just give it a week (probably less) for all the utter chaos caused by the update that is going to throw every shred of new goodwill created right out the window.

It literally happens Every. Single. Time!


I got Lahni and Kait to level 20 and have already played them since the revert, damn.

I know I’m in the minority but I just literally don’t care about the revert and don’t think it’s that big of a deal (for me personally)

We all knew that level 20 was unlocked because TC goofed up their latest update and we all know TC has strong kneejerk reactions, so are we really surprised at this?

Having said that I genuinely feel bad for people who invested time into leveling up and have now been cheated of that time and hope TC try to make it right for those people.


I used to say that the QA team at The Coalition were gerbils, I’m confident that even gerbils would be better at catching exploits/bugs/glitches/everything bad that comes out of every update, They have a nonexistent QA team and so I suspect that more delays/time won’t actually help sadly, we’re only about half way done lol.


I’m gonna be one to throw this little :boom: package out here…

Reups. We know they’re changing them to apparently be less grindy, but I’m wondering how the playerbase who cares/cared about them will react when/if it turns out TC that just pulled another Aliies grind and only reduced the requirements for 1-50 as they are needed for achievements and made the rest even higher and more grindy.

I’m seriously considering it possible, because TC. “We know you hated the grind so we reduced the grind earlier but then added more grind to the grind later as that is totally so much fun for some rewards that you’d want to use for more than 1-2 months before Gears 5 dies!”

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