Character Leveling Details

I don’t think a AAA title will be programmed with such easy code. I assume there’s much more complex stuff behind it such as some checks regarding some filtering for cheating behaviors like instantly gaining a certain amount of XP without doing anything and stuff like that. And all that wrapped up and spread around different modules. A game like Gears 5 probably consists of many many different modules that all rely on each other. Change something in one module, make sure all other modules that inherit the edited one still function as expected.

My assumption is that overview of those modules is a bit unclear or too complex for certain programmers.

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You mean, have TC code something that works the way retroactive achievements do? Whenever TC makes an easy retroactive achievement, I log in and only get the achievement(s) to pop once.

That’s a brilliant idea. Thus, highly unlikely to be done.


Honestly I can see no way that just letting people keep leveling would hurt anything at all.
The added complexity at messing with it is just an opportunity to introduce bugs.
If it’s going to happen and it happen then just leave it alone.
It’s better to avoid adding bugs than to add bugs.
It’s better to avoid harming players that were enjoying the game than it is to aggressively pursue it.
If it was never supposed to be there that’s one thing but it’s something that they released early AND SUCCESSFULLY so leaving the bugs that they introduced while throwing damage at features is poor judgement.

There was no need to fix a thing that wasn’t broken just premature.

Option A- dont play a character for 4 weeks and keep your level for Op5.

Option B- play a character and lose your progress towards level 20.

Erm, is there an option C (that isn’t, “dont play the game”)?


Well there were a lot of campaign fixes in the latest update and it seems a shame for TC to have wasted their time so that could be a C :slight_smile:

Absolutely agree that their database is more complicated than the average person thinks it is. But my day job is a data analyst working in a database with hundreds of tables containing thousands of variables, all joined together with complicated logic, so I’m aware of my overly simplified pseudo code.

Nonetheless, this can be done, they are just choosing not to. As @MCSS_Aerocoupe has pointed out, if they can retroactively award achievements, they can retroactively reward OP5 unlocks as well.

…and I’ll bet you it is some version of an IF-THEN statement like what is written above!

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I’d love to bet on it but somebody has to share the code for that. :stuck_out_tongue:
It certainly should be possible but just looking at the recent patches, I’m not so certain anymore if they got the capabilities to pull it off.

And with that, my friend, you’ve pegged the problem precisely… TC’s (in)ability in programming.

cue circus music


Exactly. I took a few programming classes years ago, but I semi-mastered IF Statements. The logic to make one for this scenario is pretty easy:

If (character name/id)’s level is greater than or equal to ___ AND (new card name/id) quantity equals 0, give 1 copy of (new card name/id).

That would resolve any issue of not getting your first copy of the given card, but would only work once.

No reason that I can see that TC couldn’t let us start working on that grind. Heck, they could even meet us halfway-ish and up the cap to 19 now, and save 20 for the start of OP5.

Let’s face it… TC was a small-time developer who won the lottery and was handed a well-established, triple-A, console-selling franchise, but have proven time and time again that they can’t handle it.

Gears of War 4: Nearly killed the franchise with scummy microtransactions
Gears of War Ultimate Edition: Did a GREAT job on the Xbox version, but the Windows 10 version has been broken for YEARS now.
Gears 5: Well… just look at these forums! Nearly every single thread about this game is pointing out something that doesn’t make sense or is broken.

[EDIT: Incorrectly associated the abomination of Gears: Judgment to TC - thanks @AmicableWall421 for pointing that out ]


As far as I’m aware Gears J is not TCs responsibility but that of Epic and People Can Fly.


" Gears of War developer Black Tusk Studios, the Vancouver-based Xbox team who has taken the reins of the series following Gears of War: Judgment , has rebranded itself as The Coalition ."

EDIT: I’m an idiot… KEYWORD: FOLLOWING - Edited my post above.

EDIT 2: While true, they still own the franchise overall and were responsible for pseudo fixing the Sybarite achievement for a time by manually updating the event ribbon, but somehow couldn’t figure out a programmatic fix for it… see my earlier arguments regarding TC’s programming skill.

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It’s ok. Judgement was the start of the decline. And it’s been forever since then, so easy to forget the timing.

See my edit above, as I knew they had SOMETHING to do with it, which was the Sybarite achievement debacle and claiming they had no way of fixing it permanently.

I mean, they even had die-hard Gears fans who had game programming knowledge offering up VOLUNTEER hours to program a fix and they still turned a blind eye.

This is yet another simple fix… just tie the achievement to a different medal in the game that isn’t broken. But let’s not go down that rabbit hole…

Fully agree. Somewhere on planet Earth there is at least 1 server still hosting Judgement. If just granting it to everyone is not feasible, how about updating the event so it adds credit as originally designed? They could literally have the same event week after week with different names to add credit to each person still needing it.

OSOK week 1
OSOK week 2

def getShouldHave = {character->
def results = SkillsAvailable.findAllByCharacterClassAndLevelGt(character.characterClass, 18)
return results
}//eo getShouldHave

def fixPlayer = {player->
if(! player instanceOf Player) player = Player.findByGamertag(player)
def relevantCharacters = player.characters.findAll{ it.level > 18}
def shouldHave = getShouldHave(character)
}//eo each shouldHave
}//eo eachrelevantCharacter
}//eo fixPlayer

//With the above closures then TC could either get a help ticket and run


//With the above closures TC could also run:

The problem with the all players scenario is that there are at least 11,000 so actually that’d have to be chunked or at least cycle it’s connection ere timeout and run in the background.
PS - my indents got messed up here :frowning:

Guess we could create a thread where people create the code that TC needs to fix their game.:slight_smile:


lmao, just crowd source Gears from now on, huh? hahaha


And here I was thinking “I better get level 20 for each class before new operation.” Thank God I didn’t do it.


Since they’re looking at accommodating people who did hit 20 can you imagine being one of their victims who was a surge run or two away?
I was close to 19 - I’m coming to terms with it. Maybe we can petition Microsoft to give the title to a less malevolent company. One that thinks things through and tests and heeds feedback from community veterans.