Character Leveling Details

I had stopped playing the moment I realised about revert, so it’s preserved for me.

I do have a question. What if we played the levelled up character in Versus?

Edit: It’s possible, so better to change character from Versus roster, to be on safe side.

Yeah, I don’t think I would stop playing just to keep the levels. I know you have all your cards maxed.

But for me anyways, I’ll take leveling my cards out and finishing them vs 2 levels I’ll have done in a day or so anyways.

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It took me 2-3 days so I have had time invested that could go to waste if played them.

I could however play another strong character like Cole, when it comes to The Mist.

Again, this is not aimed at you @TC_Sera

This “solution” is the absolute dumbest thing I have ever heard. TC is now ACTIVELY CAMPAIGNING it’s player base to NOT play the game like they want to if they wish to keep the benefits from TC’s own screw up.

I mean, seriously… SERIOUSLY… have anyone ever heard of a dev telling players to NOT play the way they want for FOUR WEEKS?

And let’s be completely honest here folks… given TC’s track record of STELLER programming skills, who is actually willing to even believe for a moment that not playing the character will even guarantee that you keep your progress?

I literally CRINGE every time I see that Gears 5 needs an update on my Xbox because it’s a frikkin crapshoot what game you’ll be playing after you do update it. In the words of Tony Soprano, TC is, “like King Midas in reverse… everything you touch turns to” [crap]!



Couldn’t agree more. TC releases an update that lets us level our characters past 18 and takes longer to load in Saferooms between chapters. So what does TC do? Ignore the additional loading time, and make a “fix” for the level 19-20 characters… but does not give anyone a heads up it is coming. Nope, just roll it out and then wait til the players notice and come here to find out the solution is to not play as said characters, AFTER the players have already done it.

“Hmm, why did I miss my target?”


Well put, you hit the nail on top of the head.

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the leveled past 18 characters were reset to 1 for OP5… At this point, it’s a possibility, no? And I’d like to add, my response wasnt directed at @TC_Sera either…I’m simply in awe of their “give 1, give 2 accidentally, take 5 away” mentality. And barely any communication to boot. I was understanding until they redacted the 6xp boost last week, for some reason, that got under my skin 🤷😑


Might be forced to derank a couple characters to complete the mist unfortuneatly

I’m sorry, but if this is the solution, why was the level 20 removed again in the first place, missing content or not? Not playing a character you would use frequently isn’t really that much of an option.

You may just be the messenger, but this really just doesn’t make any sense to me. “Yo, we gave you level 20 characters by accident and now we removed it because the content supposed to be there with it wasn’t released yet and you have to not play any of your characters if you want to keep that progress instead of just leaving it in without all these unnecessary complications!”

Now I’m actually glad I haven’t really played Gears a lot for the last few days. Avoids me having to mind this at all, I’d barely lose anything.


I suggest that TC realease an explanation of whats coming for 19 and 20. This way the player can decide if its worth playing or not playing. Come on Tc have some confidence in your future road map and give some details now.


**** just joined a 4/5 lobby a character I hadn’t gone past 18 on. Host launched the second I joined despite me having a duplicate and it then selected me as fahz, someone I had gone beyond 19 on. I had to turn my xbox off as no way to back out at that point!

Foe the next 5 weeks my options are very limited. I might just not play pve and just play the odd bit of versus.

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I understand why TC is asking not to play with any characters lvl 18+, but the consequences for the last hive will be a real problem.

I’m glad that I preferred to level up weak characters (Kat and Sarah Connor), but at least like @GCE says, TC would explain what do you gain leveling up vs not using your preferred character for the next hive.

Or TC would put a message about this issue in-game. Sometimes after the game launched, game launch the “news” about OP 4. Imagine how many players don’t read the forums and they don’t check the level of the characters, they just play and that’s all.

You can use that in-game news for more things that promoting OP4

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Good thing the only character I played a lot was Mac and I only got him to 18.5.

But now because his new face, you won’t play with him. Am I right!?

Massive stuff up by TC on this for sure. But, I don’t know why people would start racing to level up their 18-level characters to 20 when there was nothing announced and no obvious benefits or unlocks for doing so. So, if you grinded all your characters to 20 in 3 days when there was suspiciously no announcement about why it was in there, then the player has to take some responsibility there. And if you just got to 20 through your natural course of playing the game, for example you always play the same character over and over again, then you haven’t really lost anything.

I know it’s annoying. But this isn’t as bad as the start of Op4 when the “ready to upgrade” sign appeared on all your skill cards even when they weren’t ready, prompting you to waste massive amounts of coins.


Ahh ok, So that’s why there was a level 19 Jack and level 20 Baird when I was playing on Forge.Wonder what this could mean for Op5??It better be gooooooood.(But sadly I can’t really play as anyone anymore😢)

It sure as hell is convenient that there won’t be a dev-stream this week.I’m sure Dana is working really hard on fixing the game…


I really can’t wrap my head around this TC Logic…

TC disabled progressing past 18 because there’s unreleased content and this the “only” way to get it to work right.

But TC advises anyone with progression past 18, including those that already hit 20, to not play as those characters to save the progression they already made.

So what happens when OP5 launches and progression past 18 is allowed again? Will those with level 20 characters already/still get the associated content or not? If they do, then there does not seem to be a need to disable the progress past 18. If they don’t, then shouldn’t they play as those characters to reset them back to 18 so they can get the content later?

This is literally TC giving us two completely different and opposite answers. If they needed to disable the progression, then those already past 18 should need to reset back to 18. If they don’t need to reset back to 18, then there’s no reason we can’t get a head start on the… what 180,000 character XP needed to hit level 20?

There’s over 15 characters in the game with PVE skills (exact number depends on how many Halo & Terminator characters you have). But even at 15, there’s at least 2,700,000 character XP needed to level them all to 20, and thats IF you already have every character at 18.

Come on TC, work with us here. By accidentally upping the cap early, the secret is out. We all know that the new limit will be 20 and there will be new cards once OP5 lands. Have a heart and let us get a jump start on leveling our characters. It’ll give us a reason to play more now, and maybe even start building some hype for OP5


Yes to everything you said.

I mean, I don’t understand what the deal is as far as the new content and “early leveling” not jiving with each other.

Does no one at TC know how to write a frikkin IF-THEN statement? Here, I’ll get you started with some general syntax:

IF characterID_level > 18 AND characterID_level < 19 THEN contentID for level 18 unlock_unlock_state = “Y”
ELSEIF characterID_level > 19 AND characterID_level < 20 THEN contentID for level 19 unlock_unlock_state = “Y”
ELSEIF characterID_level > 20 THEN contentID for level 20 unlock_unlock_state = “Y”

Literally would just have to run some code at the beginning of OP5 similar to that above ONE TIME to unlock anything that would be new for people that leveled early at the beginning of OP5. After that, just let the normal progression code you’re writing do it’s thing.