Character Leveling Details

We are aware that some players got to Level 20 before it was rolled back. We investigated what we can do about keeping that so that it’s still workable. What we can do right now is that if you had a character at level 20, do not play them again until Op5 if you want to keep your gains.

I repeat: Do Not play a leveled up character. It will reset the character back to Level 18.


Why has the level cap been raised to 20 anyway?

What about characters with partial progress? For example level 19, or people who were say, halfway between levels 18-19 etc?


Same - if you want to keep the progress, don’t play the character.


Lmao. Yea, don’t play a character you obviously main, or at least were heavily invested in if you got them to 20 in that short time. The way this game has been handled is an abomination… I’ve never seen anything like it in all my gaming life.
So don’t play them till when? Op5? Christmas? Op6?


Op 5, my apologies, I thought I added that.

Yeah, the way to keep your level 20 character is to not play that character until operation 5. Seriously???


@TC_Sera I leveled my Kait and didn’t play her at all since this news came out, yet it still reverted her xp back to level 18. Is that just visual then?

Visually, it will appear as 18.

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@TC_Sera any word on these issues being fixed quickly or are we looking at another certification submission?

(social tab, escape med bay loading, level 18+, cards)

I believe so. All of my characters have lost the XP progression gained, although none of them had actually levelled up to 19 or 20.

I’m not too fussed to be honest. I still have a few characters who I need skill cards for so I’m going to cut my losses and just play as these characters anyway. 4 weeks is a fair bit of time.

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No word on further fixes at this time, that’s not to say there won’t be one, but as this happened today and such, let’s give some time to see what is possible.

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I appreciate that you are looking into this and updating us as you can :slight_smile:


I have Level 20 Marcus, Fahz, JD and Grace. Level 19 Kait, Lahni and Sarah Connor. I played a little bit of Del. So that means I can’t play as either 8 characters. I do however use Fahz, Marcus or Kait commonly for daily objectives in Horde, but looks like I’ll have to get around it, the longer way.

What about the upcoming The Mist Hive? We cannot use Level 19-20 characters?


I went online and my baird who was level 20 already was level 18 without me playing him.

I really don’t care about the levels. ■■■■ I’ll probably get him back to level 20 when op 5 drops the same day anyway.

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It will show as Level 18 visually. It is still Level 20 behind the UI.

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Kay, guess I don’t play this game for the next 5 weeks then.


Well this “solution” to keeping the levels was only introduced an hour ago. I played earlier today.

So he’s back at 18 since I played as him earlier today.

Oh well :man_shrugging:


We understand this isn’t the best, most comforting solution at this time, but it is an option against losing the gained XP and levels entirely.