CHaracter is too big on screen, doesn't anyone else like it too?

I think the doll is very big on screen, I like more how it looks in Gears 4.

Personally, I prefer the menu style from gears 1 > 3. So it wouldn’t matter what size the character was, I still wouldn’t be happy :rofl:

I’d like it if there were the following options though:

  • ability to hide the character from the main menu
  • ability to set what character should show on the main menu

They should just make it spinnable and zoomable. And yes it is to Close to the camera. It does not show the whole character. It cuts off the feets, in all views

Get your dolls away from the monitor or tv screen. You’re confusing the image on screen with your doll collection. Just kidding. I haven’t noticed. I think it’s on par with the other games or it feels like it.

Looks fine to me. Certainly better than the close up shot of JDs generic face in 4s main menu.

Would like it if we could set the background to a fixed map though. Rather than cycling randomly. And for TC to change it back to showing the COG Versus character instead of randomly going through Swarm, Escape and Horde character. Don’t really like to be seeing Keegan’s bearded face or giant Mac on the main menu. Or the Swarm Grenadier, for that matter. Just lemme have Kait on there.