Character duplicates vs no character duplicates - where does everyone stand on the matter?

Topic is basically what the title says… though I myself am divided between there not being any character locks allowed due to two factors:

  1. Having certain duplicate characters is potentially, or in case of JD and Kait certainly, going to tip the balance in favor of the player team too much. Which is a, or the main, reason why I don’t want to be seeing any character duplicates. I can limitedly tolerate duplicate Jacks or Dels, but a duplicate JD or Kait is likely to make me quit out because of it not only being flat out unnecessary, but also further trivializing an already way too easy Horde because of the damage Kait and JD do.

  2. My point for being in favor of no character duplication is more player freedom, but considering the damage output of two or more JDs/Kaits, it just doesn’t stand very strongly towards how OP having multiple JDs or Kaits would be(putting aside that the system can already be glitched to have duplicates, which I don’t like doing).

But I’d also like to hear thoughts from others on this subject. How they stand to it and why they either want to keep or not keep the no character duplication restriction currently in place. Just don’t start fighting or attacking each other over it, please.

I think there should be a toggle to allow duplicates in custom matches. I mostly agree with your points, but I feel that in private matches you should be able to play to your own preference.


That’s a fair point. Didn’t really come to my mind. But I wouldn’t really do character duplicates unless it was like, Jack, simply to speed up the tedious Forge progress which it seems like every player insists on doing and just draws out matches for far too long if they want you to keep the last enemy alive if possible so they can melt down every weapon available(so long as no one wants one).

My stand point its to have duplicate characters all the way, as well all characters being able to use all weapons…

as an additional point it would be great to have greater amount of monsters so we can have more fun, since we will be having duplicates of characters and weapons all the way.

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I think all characters being able to buy all weapons and all fortifications would go a long way to resolving any issues surrounding duplicates.

Yes that is correct… and it would definitely make the game so much fun.

I really don’ t like the limitation factor of horde as it is.


IT’s not the question of duplication. It’s all about balance in the game. It seems we got a draft of the game and not the release. What for do we need marcus, sarah, fahz - on the master horde they do nothing…etc etc etc
It’s very sad to understand it.
After 3 months - nothing is fixed…servers are down, expirience not count, ranked games - can’t be played.


I believe there shouldn’t be duplicates for reasons you’ve already listed. At masters everyone will be Del, Jack and JD or Kait. It’s hard enough playing as the other chars because of the importance of some of the top chars. If ou could bring 2 or 3 JDs/Kaits then no one will be allowed to use Marcus, Fahz, Emile, Sarah, Grace, Kat, or CoG.
I think the problem can fix itself when they add more classes and rework some of the existing ones. Especially the promotional chars with half the perks. Don’t know who at TC thought that was a good idea.

I don’t know why so many people have a problem with using duplicate characters in a Horde match. Who cares? The character choice for a match only affects the 5 players involved.

Those opposed to duplicates act like it will have an impact on the Horde ranking system, or will negatively impact the rest of the world of Horde players. Oh. That’s right. There is no Horde ranking system.

Horde is a team game. The choice of characters is up to the team. Just like all the previous gears versions.

Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to never get a chance to play a certain character, just because you were the 4th or 5th player added to a match? Or better yet, getting stuck playing the same character, because nobody else wants to change?

Even in a scheduled session, there is always a host or leader, who takes first dibs on which character they play. And then, reserves a couple of spots for his buddies.

Seven days ago, I finally reached level 16 with JD, and unlocked the golden card. I have played every day since then, and have not had the opportunity to use him. Oh sure, I could join and quit public matches until I was lucky enough to start a match as JD. That might take an hour. Then, how long until other players quit because they didn’t get to use the character they wanted.

There is no advantage or disadvantage to using duplicates. It’s simply the freedom of choice.


This is really what it boils down to.

More than anything else, not being able to play as the character you want to play as will cause a bunch of people to simply leave the matches over and over again until they are able to play as their favorite character.

There was already a huge problem with people leaving Horde matches in Gears 4, now in Gears 5 they’ve made the problem worse with the Class being tied to the characters and not allowing duplicate characters.

I get that its not as “realistic” or “balanced” if you have several of the same characters, but at least you’d be able to get past Wave 25 without 3 AI Soldiers on your team because everyone has quit.

Duplicated character yes, duplicated classes NO, and they must add more skill cards of damage for the rest of players. Sarah Connor is useless, the rest of characters like Marcus and Fahz are irrelevant, because while they’re shooting, JD or Kait already killed the enemies. And the damm bullet sponge enemies, ridiculous, that’s why some people use 2 JD and when I see 2 JDs and I’m Marcus or any other character, I won’t be able to kill, This is not fun.

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I think with the hero system you get a two-edged sword: people wanting their favorite character/abilities and the game needing to restrict us to keep it balanced. In 4 there were no ultimates and so there wasn’t this problem. You’d have to get rid of the hero system to have both balance and freedom.

@soldiermxdeath I agree with you on the “duplicate characters yes, duplicate classes NO.”

I just didn’t make the distinction between class and character as currently both are tied together, but I do agree with what you say. Two JDs in this Horde is just completely overpowered, as I outlined in my original post(though you could also argue the same for two Kaits). Even one JD with his bleed skill at Level 1 and a Kait is completely sufficient for an Incon match, though. And probably Master, too. Having two is complete overkill. But unless there are variations of characters introduced later in the game’s life(like, say, a Sniper role for Kait), or classes are untied from characters, having a duplicate always means having two of the same character.

no duplicates WILL affect the game in a bad way. The meta will be Del, Jack and 3 JDs or Kaits. At masters people will open lobbies saying No marcus, Fahz, Kat, Emile, Sarah, Grace, Cog.
It will happen because it was the same in gears 4. 1 engineer, 1 scout and 3 heavies. Until salvos got nerfed then it was 3 snipers


Maybe if we had classes that we could use like cog gear with dels building capabilties this issue wouldnt exist, its why i dont commit to playing horde matches because of this stupid character restriction thing, if it were class restrictions then thats understandable but for godsake i didnt go through the effort of getting cog gear just to not be able to play him or have my JD taken away from me cuz someone picked it first, its bloody stupid it needs to go

In first place TC never should tie characters with classes, many friends dind’t like the idea, I would like to be “Heavy” with Kait or Fahz, or Engineer with Marcus for example. Even with that I’m still playing the horde because I like It, but I don’t agree with a lot of things,emptying the bullets magazine to kill a Drone even if you have Level 5 Lancer damage is stupid and frustrating. This and Gears of War 4 are the only shooters with this feeling of my weapons are the weakest unless I’m using the most OP rocket launcher or heavy shotgun, and I played a lot of FPS and TPS like Wolfenstein II or Vanquish respectively.

I’m pro duplicate characters 100%. Trying to make games hyper-balanced is part of what is making them less fun these days imo. To an extent, I understand the necessity in competitive PvP, but PvE? Nah, let people play how they want.

What we really need for Horde in the long-term is to get it overhauled so that there’s no issue with people playing how they want from a balance perspective either (i.e. simplify it significantly and go back to basics). But even knowing that’s not possible in 5 without making things unbalanced (at least as it currently stands), I’d still prefer the option to play with dupes.

The whole no duplicates is dumb as hell. All they had to do was make classes and let you pick your character and class to play as. Jack should be the only character with a locked class.

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The simple fix is unbind classes and characters and let players have freedom of choice back. I really hate the hero system and it makes the game not fun. Horde is my most played game type, it’s my favorite, and I hate that this hero system is there. It doesn’t belong in this and was an unneeded change. Freedom of choice, above all else, is paramount to player fun and limiting that choice for a frivolis reason such as ‘lore’ in a Coop Vs AI game type is ridicules.
Drop classes tied to characters and the problem will be solved.

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Choice…thats the key…5 players start the game…choosing characters they want…same starting weapons …lancer/gnasher/snub…make all weapons available in fabricator to buy and use …make the cost of anything like fabrications cost the same whoever buys…if someone buys a sentry…any points for its kills get split equally…if we must be locked into this poor heros crap…at least try make it so all 5 players feel involved and enjoying it🙄