Character drift on pc?

so im playing the campaign so i can get used to playing mouse and keyboard on my new pc. everything is brand spanking new. and my kait character is slightly drifting her walking movement when im playing. this would be the ASDW buttons. is anyone else experiencing this? this shouldn’t be happening with a brand new keyboard. and i dont have my controller plugged in.

Probably just a minor glitch in the system or a keyboard issue.

Some keyboards tend to have buttons that get stuck in a response until you press them again.

So if that didn’t help, then it might be a gears thing.

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thanks for your reply, i think its jsut eh game i went into another game and it didnt happen at all. im playing again now and im on act 2 on the snow level with kait and im thinking it might be the wind LMAO

That could actually be it lol
I forgot about the physics