Character DLC suggestion for Multiplayer (Gears universe only)

i thought it would be cool to have a thread to suggest what character we want to see in future gears multiplayer.
i’m gonna start with queen myrrah.

More simplified and presentable version for multiplayer.


Maybe as a skin, but I think the base character should be the normal costume.
I would like to see Griffin, Sam, and the Carmines.
Also, no more crossovers!

Don’t even bother suggesting characters from previous games (especially 4), you can bet they’re already done and ready to go but the beautiful and greedy people at TC refuse to release them.

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Merchant Navy Dizzy and Flame Grenadier would be swell

More unique swarm two games in and the swarm roster has barely changed they really need some new cool looking guys. All the locust are great and I hope we get pants and wire locust.

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it would be cool to have this queen myrrah version i asked before gears 5 launch.

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I really really want this skin sooo badly😩