Character Customisation

Playing Horde last night i was looking at my Characters colour, solid black with blue… I just could not help thinking about Halo where you get primary colours and secondary colours that you choose your self. I would greatly like to have seen my character completely in black along with their Matt Black weapons skins.
Or black with white secondary colours.

Is there any reason why The Coalition have not implemented Character Customisation ???

What colours would you choose, given the chance…

The onyx guard is completely black, use him/her…

Team colours.

While the concept of character customization from tactics on its own is amazing, unless they limited certain colour pallettes for certain teams (Swarm and cog) i don’t see this happening…

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Probably they haven’t thought of it before. With the appreciation for the customization in tactics I’m sure it’s something they are at least thinking about for gears 6.

Ahhh, I’d love customization. Here’s to me hoping Gears 6 implements that. It worked well in Gears Tactics. Was a nice addition.

I think that gears of war wouldn’t suffer from character customization.

I would much prefer keeping the characters only but if we can get both without issue that’s fine with me.

Gears Tactics customization is really cool so if they are able to implement it well I’d be happy with it!

It would be nice, wouldn’t it. I am sure it would not take too much to do such a thing. Question really is, would The Coalition do such a thing, or not for cost reasons. No one is really going to buy skins if you can basically create your own.
It is however possible if you just restrict the Customisation, such as what i am suggesting, primary and secondary colours, just like in Halo. Simple, yet still customised.