Character custimaztion

I think this topic gets brought up with every gears game but I think Gears 5 should have character custimaztion. I’m not talking like full on customization with brand new characters more of just the COG Gear, in Gears 4 they had like seven diffrent characters for the COG Gear. (I’m guesstimating). So if they would just turn that into one character that you can change the helmet and base armor. They could probably have a new unlock every 5 or 10 levels depending on how much they want to allow to be customized. Then at the first reup they could give you the NCOG custimaztion style.

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And we can hopefully scrap all and any card got don’t want.

Like those pointless JD Skins.

Or those rank weapon skills that have accumulated with dupes.

This means customised characters don’t attract a messy collection.


maybe even a “hide” tick box for those you cant scrap but never use.

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Anything to get rid of them …