Character clash

I understand the idea behind locking characters in horde or escape to 1 per person. My only problem with the idea is when you start a match and someone else has the character. What is the logic behind, if no one changes, who gets to be the character? If I’m a level 8 Lahni, and a level 2 Lahni is also there, why do I get forced to a different character?

All this to say, I’m happy to play any character because this game is a lot of fun, but I feel like higher character level should override any other metric, but I’m just a guy playing the game and not a designer.

Love you all! :slight_smile:

There are three player slots in lobby. The top slot is given priority. In Custom games, the top slot is reserved for the host. So they have priority. It’s random in Public matchmaking. Say,

Top slot: Player 1 as Mac
Middle slot; Player 2 as Lahni
3rd slot: Player 3 as Keegan

If top player slot changes to Lahni, then middle slot will automatically change.

However, if middle slot player changes to Mac, they won’t be given priority. It will cancel out and change back to Lahni.

Is that how it works? I thought it was highest lvl gets to stay. I could be wrong though. It would explain a few things.

Literally. I’ve been hosting a lot of Escape matches to know this. Even as 2nd and 3rd slot, I change back to which character I was.

Does the same rule apply to horde? Top slot gets what they want?

It must work the same way. I think.

I’ve never noticed that, but I’ll be paying more attention now. Thanks for the tip! Weird choice in how to handle that!