Character choice

Am I the only one disappointed that you can’t choose your character for your “hero loadout”? I know they went the way of overwatch with having every character have a loadout and ultimate specific to them but I loved choosing to play as any character and having them be any class type. It just feels very limited.


No, plenty of people have posted about this.


There will be characters to select from later on. It is just like Gears 4 somewhat, need to wait until other characters come out.


From what I’ve seen a lot of people are not happy about this. Locking abilities and ultimates to characters. Big waste on unlocking all these characters and their alternative designs just to have them locked on a class you might not like. Like, I unlock a skin for Kait that I love but find out her loadout/ultimate is ■■■■ and just don’t like her class. I’m saying that TC can make it to where you choose a loadout/ultimate and let you be any character you want. Won’t be hard to do.


I get it. I would love to choose a loadout too and use any character. The locked class loadout stuff is a wrong direction for sure. I would rather have the cards from 4 come back.


I’m reserving judgement at the minute. But characters being locked to classes isn’t really gears. I’ll wait and see what happens when the games out to see.

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I don’t like the idea of certain characters to a certain loadout. I love the idea of being able to choose your character and class/loadouts.