Character and map content ideas

These ideas come from a part of the Gears Latam community, this part, they are gamers who love Gears of War games since its inception.

I will divide it into points to explain the ideas a little better.

  1. Characters for multiplayer
    Since the arrival of Operation 5 along with Operation 6 in Gears 5, the content was a great gesture of fond memories, as there were characters like Tai, Anya, Minh, Hoffman, Baird and Paduk with armor from Gears of War Judgment, Marcus and Dom from Team Omega, to name a few.
    Bringing this type of content is something that the “old” community loves, this is a reason that you should keep going and not stop with this type of content.

Bringing many more variants of character skins is something that the Gears 5 store needs, also bringing new characters; They allow us to imagine how they were, how they could be or what they could be, examples:

-Variant of Gary Carmine in COG Armor.
-Variant of Tai Kaliso in armor from the place where he lived (as shown in the comics)
-Variant of Dom in suit shown in the photo with Maria.

  • (Bring Jace Stratton character) with costume variant from the movie shown on the billboard on the District map.
  • Variant of Gary C. from Hivebuster
    -Variant of the zombie UIR
    -Variant of Benjamin C. de Hivebuster
    -Marcus and Dom with Theron’s armor from Gears 2
  • (Bring the Human character lambet)
    -Locust variants with UIR armor parts like the ones in the swarm
  1. Pay Characters

The CS characters have original armor with which they were presented, they can also present variants, something that could increase their sales, for example:

-Benjamin CS with zombie variant
-Marcus CS with Team Omega variant
-Dom CS with Hivebuster variant

  1. Maps

This is somewhat controversial, because most players prefer the Gears 4 maps, than new maps like Tomb, it is something that I think they already know, but there may be a solution to this, the maps they always vote for, can change to have a fresh air when playing them, such as Blood Path, Deadlock or Foundation, examples:

-They may present changes in the weather, (rain, snow, thunder), that are reactive (that have changes during the game, as in Asylum with the trains) or that are invaded by the hive, that are more deteriorated by the passage of time, in addition, and why not; EASTER EGGS.

These ideas may not be taken into account because they ask a lot or cause a lot of extra work, we know that it is not easy to do all this, but it is always good for someone to listen to us as a community.

Thanks for your time reading this. :smile:


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