Character and Card Decoupling Op5

What’s everyone’s thoughts on how this will actually work and what happens to common cards we’ve already levelled. Lets say I was silly enough to have 6 characters at level 4 for epic score boost for example. One would assume epic score boost is going to be a common card we can choose for any build, refund of the overused resources or tough titty?

What about the classes and application any inside gossip on how it’ll all work?

It probably won’t work and will make PvE dreadful. That’s my guess on this new system.


No skills will be shared between classes, pretty sure of that.

I do wish they’d combine the dumb score boost skills so the Epic variant is gone from taking up a spot of some other better skill of equal rarity.

The only potential worry I have is how often the system reverts back to the hero stuff whenever TC does an update and the unnecessary duplicate classes that will almost certainly result in mass nerfings, sorry, rebalancing, of individual classes, rendering the Op 4 balancing effort almost entirely void of purpose because some people will duplicate the classes.


I don’t want it, I don’t know anyone that wants it but we are getting it anyway. So much extra work for something no one wants.

I get duplicate characters, it never bothered me but I can see why it does for others but duplicate classes is game breaking.and doesn’t pve give them enough trouble with fixes without adding to the problem.

I think I will end up just mastering each map once and not touching horde again.


All of the characters as they are will just be reclassified as “classes” and remain as they are. So we won’t be mixing up different skills across different characters or roles. The only change is that you can choose whichever character you want from an aesthetic perspective, and then choose your class.

Lizzie will be redesignated as “pilot”. Paduk will become “nomad”. JD will become “demolitions”. Fahz becomes “marksman”. Lahni becomes “blademaster” (some of the loading screens already mention some of the new class names).

So from Operation 5 you could for example, choose Lizzie and play as “demolitions” which is JD’s skillset. Or you could choose COG Gear and play as “marksman” which is Fahz’s skillset.


Hopefully this is a learning curve for TC and they abolish the entire system in favour of a simpler, more enjoyable one like the previous titles.


I think TC were victims of thier own ambition. I want to play as Dom, Anya, and Sophia in horde, but under the hero system i cant. There are only so many load outs that you can have. We already have 15(?) compared to 5 in gears of war 4. There will be another screen of UI where you choose the skin.

In gears of war 4 i stuck to one skin i played across heavy/scout/sniper. OP5 will be strange running into a Kait ant not knowing what loadout they will have. I guess it will be a case of remembering the ult symbol? I wonder if there will be a UI showing what loadout and card levels other players have? - this wold be an opportunity to add it.

the system will be exactly the same as it is now except you get to pick whatever character you want, that’s the difference. There will also be GUD changes (so characters won’t be saying as much specific stuff) but that’s about it.

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Here’s my prediction…

The community was very loud about how they didn’t like skills tied to skins. We wanted to be able to choose any skins with a set of skills.

So… I think that’s exactly what we’re going to get, and the “duplication” rules will still be in effect, meaning there can’t be two of the same class in a Horde or Escape match.

You can have 3 Fahz’s, but not three Sniper classes, for example.


Can you imagine the effort needed to get every voice actor back in the studio to record the lines that are currently character-specific? For example, Kait will need a line of dialogue to match Fahz’s “Come out, come out, where ever you are!” and Clayton’s “Shoot me like you mean it!” and JD’s “Death from above!” So much time and money that could instead be spent rewriting the netcode or designing maps.


If you’ve played Paduk you might have noticed how generic his voicelines are for his Ult-activation. I’m assuming they’ll do the same for the rest of the roster as well and simply give everyone the most generic voicelines.

It’a a shame they wasted an entire operation on this while also breaking the game with every update. The game could probably in a better state rn had they chosen not to rework the char-system.

I’m also certain this makes pubs even more unbearable than before. At least with the current system you see a character and know what you’re getting. Sure after a month or so you remember which class “Headshot-magician” or “Melee goes WRRYYY” is but it’s unnecessary confusion.

And given TCs track record the amount of bugs and issues for the first 2-4 weeks of OP5 will be insufferable.


haha yeah so when the ultimate becomes available, all characters will announce “I feel so ready for big action!” and when they fire that ultimate they’ll say “Here comes that thing I do!”


Maybe they’ll add that Batista guy as an announcer and your character becomes mute…

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The hero system IS simple and enjoyable…


I hope they scrap the whole preventing duplicates concept. Every time they introduce a new character/class to PVE, EVERYONE insists on playing as the new class. If they can’t play as that class, they quit.

I never understood the logic in preventing duplicates. Look at Arcade, there is nothing stopping you from have all 5 people be the same character in Arcade. Same goes for all other PVP modes. If preventing duplicates is about keeping the illusion of being realistic, then why not do the same In PVP? If preventing duplicates is about avoiding an overpowered team of 5 with the same skills, why not do the same in Arcade?

Gears 2, 3, and 4 all played fine with no restrictions on who played what in PVE, so I for one am glad to see that after a year TC is getting rid of the reinvented wheel no one asked for.

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I hope. Because if they nerf everyone to allow duplicates it might be the end for a lot of people who grinded and spent coins to upgrade certain characters.


I agree with you but I understand why people want to use whatever character they want, you have a game that has (and will only get more) great characters and because of how customization focused the game is it makes sense to give players that option, now I do believe that it will end up being a mistake because of how complex Gears 5’s classes are but I understand the other side is what I’m saying.

Anytime you try to increase production (maps, characters, whatever) you are bound to have a more difficult time in terms of quality control, and lets be honest here I don’t even know if Gears 5 has any QA because its been a constant roller coaster where every week has its ups and downs, so yes I do think OP5 will start off as a glitchfest, but the good news is that they’ll probably be able to fix most issues one month later with the Hivebuster DLC TU.

Edit: I’ve had zero framerate drops for the last few days, and it doesn’t make any sense, now the game performance wise is doing better than it ever has and I don’t know the cause so its bizarre.

I get why people in the beginning wanted to get rid of the classes system but right now, for me, it’s in the right place. More than enough characters and I don’t need to play as Dom or Anya. I’m afraid that i’m going to hate these changes but we will see. I’m afraid that all these changes will break the game for at least the first few weeks


Gears fanbase has had a history of asking for this or for that, then once its done they immediately do a 180 and bash Epic/TC for it, Gears 5 PvE already gets tons of hate mainly because its complex af compared to previous games, you have about a dozen or so classes, with all kinds of synergies and depth and now you want to make it so players can’t tell them apart as easily? Sounds like it’ll be more trouble than its worth.

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Sadly no, they have already stated you can run duplicates on multiple dev streams.