Changing time zone to play early?

my friend has game pass and is playing right now

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I know, i was being sarcastic

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Lol sorry im just bit cranky today :yum:

Which country has the game right now ? I’ll try it

new zealand does

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Calm down, and have a tug while you wait. :stuck_out_tongue:

So would those folks in other countries, that are playing before the US region, have a head start on the leaderboards?

I am in CET and it is almost 10pm and my Xbox Game Pass version will not launch, it tells me to check the store for release time.

Game Pass or Game pass Ultimate

I’m going to wait to be safe. I don’t want to lose my road to gears 5 rewards. :slight_smile:

It has nothing to do with the Road to Gears 5 stuff.

You will never know. Some players were saying they were missing stuff. :S

Ultimate. I had to change my windows regional settings, it was still set to North America even though ive lived in europe for 4 years. I still dont have the Halo Reach pack though, I did get my boost and terminator pack however. Who knows whats going on.

I’m just moving mine over to Eastern from Central so I can play with my friends. Being told just to wait is kinda stupid, considering a staggered release of a multiplayer game is just a horrible idea to begin with.

i bought the ultimate edition on steam dose that get me the 4 days early access?

I think Xbox should detect time zone and region automatically (barring a vpn). It shouldn’t be an option to manually select. ISP connection should dictate.

I changed the region to new zealand and then changed it back and it still lets me play

Did you start the game in New Zealand time and then change, or just change the time back and forth and then play?

i just changed it then click on the game and changed it back and after closing the game i can still launch it

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Did you receive your dlc