Changing time zone to play early?

Is this something you could get in trouble for or can I just change my timezone to play the campaign now and change my region back later to play multiplayer? Hearing conflicting answers.

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I did it and to be honest there is a lot of trouble and conflict to get your Bonus, so if it was only me to say something i would say don’t and wait (just in case)

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Can I change my time zone to play gears early will I get banned

You could potentially have issues when you try to change it back, and cause a whole lot of problems… Not really worth the trouble imo…

No, you will not get banned.

Explain more

Use the search function I’m tired of explaining it.

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Octus just said it will screw up your dlc and codes from the promos so I would not do it if I was

Not gonna get in trouble for it. Everyone is doing it. Go for it.

Is it open now for any regions?

Any Asian region should be unlocked atm

Lol I can be Asian for a couple hours…just joking guys. I won’t do this. I’ll wait. I don’t wanna mess anything up.

people are so impatient. just wait for your region to open up

It’s so morally wrong to change your time zone

You won’t get in trouble, it’s just frowned upon. The real problem is easy or it won’t even work… you just can’t change your region and wallah, you get access, you have to actually download the game from a specific region’s store, change your time zone and region, reset your Xbox, and then buy the game – if you already have it installed, it won’t work.

I just did it and it worked fine lmao


Interesting. Enjoy. It used to be a hassle. I did it with SoT.

Edit: It’s a Game Pass thing. Regular games you have to buy from the region store. My bad.


Does it work for game pass ? I have friends on my list playing it, so there must be a way

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Morally wrong ?? Haah its morally wrong for them to charge you for microtransactions, by they still do it. Imo