Changing the MVP screen

I’m going to be honest: the actual MVP screen at endgame is not good to see, it’s just a character saying something or doing something of uninteresting (seeing someone saying “HEY” or “GOODMORNING” is cringe). It seems unfinished and unsatisfying. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea, but in this case is poorly made.

Forgive me for the image quality but I hope this will be enough. Now imagine this instead of the MVP: the best five players or the winning team will be shown. This would make banners more useful and worthy to use, and the endgame would be a lot more interesting.
What do you think?


I believe TC said that it was the original idea to have it with the whole team but that they ran out of time to make it happen.

I’m not entirely sure of this, I just vaguely remember either Ryan or TC saying this at some point about this screenshot/screen.

That’s a shame. The one we have now is very bad…

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I like this idea. I doubt it will change in Gears 5 tho…

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