Changing the meta?

TC is currently focused on changing the meta with the lancer nerfs and shotgun buffs. (decreasing actives and giving gnasher 8 bullets).

There is in my opinion 1 game mechanic that could use a nerf. The infamous up a. i think it is way overused and rewarding. it just works.
my solution would be adding a shooting delay once you leave cover in a roady run. (so you dont affect the back a). if you delay it with 0.3ish seconds this stupid meta would shift.


They should’ve never changed it in first place.

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So essentially eliminate Up As, wrap arounds and reaction shots from the game? 333ms is a LONGGGGG time in the gaming world. You have to “correct” the problem earlier in the chain. Things like visual delay between you and the character, and the slide speed is where you would want to look. Tightening these areas up would make the Up A much more defensible and less spammed.

Heck just go play Gears 4, the Up A was much easier to defend in that game than it is in 5.

Agree. The entire remaining population of Gears 5 has mastered the up-A and wrap-around shots to the extent that these mechanics completely dominate the game and make it impossible to properly tune the Gnasher. These also aren’t mechanics that can ever really be balanced because latency–a factor outside of the developers’ control–plays such a factor in their effectiveness. Just remove these shots entirely or make it so that they have to actually follow where the barrel is pointed instead of warping 90 or 180 degrees. Players should have to grow some brain cells and think about how they approach Gnasher fights instead of mindlessly racing in to see who can start their slide into gib range first.


I’m in agreement with what Beta said. The problem isn’t the Up A itself, but the lack of readability leading up to it. The thing about Up As, wrap arounds, etc is that it should be a predictable move that is easily countered. And in previous games, it was. When I perform any of those moves, it’s only on a player who is out of position. And I’m constantly hoping a player will Up A me, because it most likely nets me a kill.


I agree that the situation would be better if up-A’s were made more “readable,” but also think that the mechanic is fundamentally flawed and out of place in the game. Barrel shooting is the central mechanic that defines gunplay in Gears, so why does it magically go out the window when sliding out of cover?

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The shots where the barrel isn’t pointing at the target have been in the game since Epic updated the sensitivity to 30 in an update on Gears 3. So, I would argue that it is actually a defining characteristic of Gears gunplay at this point. I do concede that it is counter intuitive, and hard to learn and understand. But difficulty is part of what makes Gears what it is. However, I think it also gives room for more dynamic fights. Gears 1 and 2 are very stale games by comparison to later entries. Interactions with cover are a big part of why the game is more active now, since you can push players in cover more effectively (previously a player in cover could just hold their shot until you hit cover, and then pop you over cover faster than the player sliding in could aim and hit their shot over cover for instance). If you want a slower game, that’s one thing. But the popularity of Gears 3 and 4 speak to a majority of players wanting a faster game. 5 just happened to take that too far, and I hope they can tone it down.


Shoulda been 8 if u got the active.

I’ve had no issues with those wrap around horsies…

Just jog up to the cover and point blank at their head, it’s crazy how stupid the point blank is on the gnasher nowadays.