Changing my tune. Time to adjust

I’ve been playing G5 a lot more recently and I am starting to get used to the new play style and making it my own. Think we can all agree the the initial slow mechanics, weapon tuning, and other various issues with pvp were atroshious making it unbearable at first.

But right now I’m feeling more and more comfortable as I adjust to the game. Keeping in mind that with every release comes with a learning curb. And at first multiplayer wasint even worth trying learn due to the attempt to remove the skill gap that made it unbearable most of the time. But now it seems TC has begun to un-cap skilled players (within reason). Making the game fun again.

Every Gears game is different. There has never been a new installment with the same kind of play tone as the last one. Keeping that in mind I think that G5 in its current state is finally worth buckling down and learning the new game and re-forging your own play style again with time and experience. And not try to force it to be a previous installment.

Yes it took way too long to get better and we should not have had to wait like this but hey, we are here now and we got the next few years ahead of us. There are many other controversies in the game still but that’s not the topics I’m focused on in this post; strictly game play and I see it getting better.

Looking forward to gibbing and being gibbed by all of you. Hope to see yawl out there.

Thank you, you may go now! =)





Mehhh lol. Got me on that one :smirk::smirk::smirk:

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Or maybe it’s just a good game with new mechanics…

You know like any new game.



There’s hardly any “new” mechanics though. They mostly just took things from other games and mixed it with Gears. Escape is maybe the most innovative thing they did, but it’s not really fleshed-out enough.

Not a good game. At least not yet.


I’m not sure what you mean but my point is it’s a new game therefore you have to be open minded to new gameplay mechanics and tunings within the game such as speed, movement, aiming, weapons, HUD, etc. I’ve been playing since Gears 1 and have no issues adapting to the new gameplay in Gears 5. Some people are expecting a carbon copy of Gears 4 or older Gears, but that’s not how it works. Now don’t get me wrong, some complaints are valid and certain things needed to get nerfed such as the Flashbangs and the OP melee, but not everything needs to get changed back or adjusted. Instead play the game and get good at it. Like we used to do for decades. I feel like the game is in a really good place now after the changes that were made over the last 2 months.

And I disagree, Gears 5 is a very good game. It just had a rough start. A lot of technical post launch issues, overpriced store items, and overall miscommunication from TC, but it’s heading in the right direction. Come Operation 2 I believe the majority of the bigger issues will be addressed.


Operation will be a hit if TC gives us x10 the about of weapon and character skins. Also atleast 4 maps and atleast 4 other characters , I am honestly already tired of their drip feed content system . It’s the worst system a Triple AAA 60 dollar should have no system like that, that’s for ftp games …


Maps I can agree with 100%. We need more. Boredom is for real sometimes on that front.


Idk about 10x lol but I’m sure there’s a lot planned for Operation 2. We already know we are getting a new Tour, new modes, new maps, and new characters. I’m hoping for 3 new maps at least. We will probably get at least 4 new characters since that’s what we got in Operation 1.


My point exactly. It was a nightmare at first and yes I myself was up in arms and pretty pissed off about some of their choises. But since launch it has gotten better. With that said and keeping in mind that G5 still needs to be it’s own game in the franchise; it might me our turn get off the high horse and adjust like we have in all the previous games.

The threshold limit to where the game is it’s own and not a terrible game is getting better I think.


I feel the same even though I’m perplexed how bad I do sometimes. I’m still playing it like gears 4 by default which is a big no no

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Glad to hear this more and more on this forum. I swear every good new release has been like this the past couple of years. It starts with a passionate and divided community, the angry voices sound out the loudest, those people either leave or over time the community stabilises because the Devs listen and adjust accordingly. That’s when the actual hardcore community emerges from it all.

Tbh, after the changes my results in competitive have improved drastically - my brain didn’t seem to adapt to the aim adhesion and movement changes as fast as others (I’m probably getting old) but instead of getting crappy about it, I persevered, and now with the lancer and melee being nerfed and the gnasher magnetism being dialed down I’m finally helping my team get way more wins then loses, see MVP much more often, and have an average K:D of 2.05


From what I have seen around and my own experience is that it’s not the game play styles itself (except the lancers, those needed to be dialed back) that is causing the complaints. It is the randomness of encounters. I would play all the time if I didnt have games where none of my shots land or games where people are severely tanking the shots. It is one thing if I miss. Hell, I’ve died several times in gears and what I’ve said to myself is well that was stupid on my part, well played. But when I pump 3-4 shots into someone or I am one shotted from outside gnasher range then you can not adapt to that and that’s rage inducing. Adaptation is one thing, factors beyond your control are another thing and those are the items that need to be addressed. Its pretty sad that maybe a handful of games I’ve sat back and said that was an awesome game and I am not talking about games I’ve won. The combat flow was smooth, shots were landing and you are going toe to toe with your opponent. I live for those games however gears 5 isnt that. I feel once the consistency is down there will be far less complaints.


Adjustments key to life, any champion knows how to adjust

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Did you enjoy your Chinese takeaway? :grin:


I feel you on the aim adhesion especially with precision rifles. It’s a struggle for control and then the shot is gone.

When I get headshots I usually predict where the shot Is going to be and usually do pretty well this way. But with aim adhesion its like the game just wants you to move to their current position at all times and scrambles the redicles as you fight it for control. This still makes no sense to me.

But ya time spent behind the scope in these situations is a short amount of time in a round so it’s not the end of the world. It will be fixed over time. But still should have been a consideration during tuning for specific precision weapons.

Well then when TC drops an Xbox exclusive (I don’t count PC players) AAA game it better be a finished product AT LAUNCH. Not the ■■■■■■■■ we were handed. I grew up playing solely PlayStation, my parents wouldn’t buy Xbox. When I moved out on my own I bought an Xbox just to play Gears of War. When Gears 5 dropped it was full of game breaking glitches, even Campaign mode wasn’t spared. It took me a week just to finish the Campaign because it was continuously crashing every two hours if I was lucky to play that long. Usually it crashed when I tried to enter a part of the map. Then when playing versus there was the silver surfer running around not quite sure if he is on your team or not. Now lets talk about rank shall we. That has been broken for quite awhile. I mean if there is one way to drive players away from your game, It is to let your noobie players go against diamond experienced players. Why? well everyone is a silver ranked. As a game lets hype this bad boy up to be the biggest release of the year, and lets also introduce an identity crisis. We want to be a CoD esque game but still be Gears, with no content.

Gears of war 5 is in bad shape. Having possibly the worst launch of a game in recent memory did not help. Like the adage goes First impression is a lasting impression. And how they have handled it since then has not help TC in the slightest. Is it getting better? Yea. Nerfing the lancer and rifles in general has definetly a step in the right direction, as well as the two piece with shooting the gnasher and melee lunge was a big improvement.

But with all that said I will leave this with one final thought. Gamers are consumers, Would you buy a car without a windshield or doors. Would you buy a car without an engine. No you wouldn’t. That would be an unfinished product. Gears 5 was and still is a unfinished product. We deserve better.


Your right. It should have been better at launch. It’s a damn shame we got what we got. But as I said in the OP this post is focused on verses. And on that front it has gotten better.

Now that the initial shock is over it’s time to let bygones be bygones. Yes I know its effed up how launch went. But it’s still gears.And we are gears players and we are ready for the challenge of a new installment.

Time to put it all past us now and know that it ain’t coming back. That’s where I’m at right now. Either adjust or be left behind.

So many fortune cookies being consumed over here :rofl::rofl: