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Changing home xbox console to another more than 5 times

(villa casual 42) #1

I’m not sure if anyone can help me but thought I’d ask
I’want to share my xbl with my wife on one of our other consoles so she can play online on hers while I’m on mine.
I’ve found a video on YouTube telling me how to do it by changing each console to my home console then swap it back ect.

Now my problem is on my xbox I’ve only got 1 swap left can’t can’t do what the video says.

But what I was thinking was, could I fully format my console and then get my full 5 swaps back and then do it.

(EVIL 0NE) #2

Honestly not sure about this, but I would suggest reaching out to Xbox Support, or posting this question on the Xbox Forums to get an answer. Don’t know if it can be reset or not, and I feel support could give you a better answer on this.

(ll R E D l) #3

No once you use your 5 swaps you have to wait a year I believe

(NUBinbound) #4

pretty sure the swaps are not console specific but profile specific so formatting your console wont do anything but i would like to be pleasantly surprised if the opposite is true

(villa casual 42) #5

Yeah thanks guys. I’ve done loads of googling and your right.
It goes more by gt and 5 a year.
Just gonna contact xbox and ask when my new year starts
Thanks again :+1: