Changes to the "Re-up" System

Are there any plans to change the pre-existing re-up system? In its current state, it is not worth getting to a higher prestige with the skins associated with higher prestige being pretty bad.

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I don’t believe so. I mean in Gears 3-4 there was no real incentive for Re-Upping other than a couple skin sets.

It’s mainly for the achievement hunters and those who want to gloat about having 50 Re-Ups. Being said it
d be cool to see a Glacial skin (Akin to Glacial Kait) for every 10 Re-Ups or something. Something just as cool as Team Ice that sticks out to show that you’ve hit Re-Up 50 or something.

They (the devs) mentioned that the re-up system is going to be re-vamped… Eventually, but apparently it’s very low on the priority list. Maybe Op6?

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When octus was still around, he mentioned on a dev stream that they were going to adjust the xp curve for re ups 20+ to lessen the total amount needed each level and make the re up achievements a bit easier, but that was a month or so ago, who knows at this point.

That was also before they added the achievements for re-ups 30 & 40.

Nothing says “we understand the requirements are too high” like adding even higher requirements.


Well guess what, Dana mentioned on a stream last week(I believe) that they’re adding even more reups and in the usual ambiguity of his talked about how there were “no plans to change the current reups” without even specifying if he meant their rewards or the XP requirement jump from 15-20 that makes everything following those much too grindy for what they give.

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The re-up XP is ridiculous

The cumulative xp currently stands at:

Re-up 20 = 7,474,500
Re-up 30 = 24,106,500
Re-up 40 = 46,480,500
Re-up 50 = 78,160,500

1-50 on Master Horde nets between 12,000-18,000 depending on your ribbons. That takes 2-3 hours.

A versus game nets virtually nothing to dent this.

Escape has the best return.

I’ve played Horde for 15d 5hr 10m
I’ve played Escape for 4d 8h 26m
I’ve played Versus for 6h 34m
I’ve played Campaign for 1d 3h 57m

Not even re-up 18

Seems completely reasonable. I must be a casual gears player

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Currently the best way to get XP is doing Escape runs with 16+ ribbons which can be 60-80k(rough guesses) XP per hour depending on how quickly they go and/or if you even manage to get the required number of ribbons in the first place.

Master seems to roughly be a 40k payout for a 2h30-3h match with 30 ribbons which some characters are not good at getting or simply unable to achieve(such as Jack).

I don’t have the exact numbers at my hand but I did some maths of my own at a point which determined that it would take roughly 6,000 and something hours of Master Horde 24/7 to get to Reup 50 Level 100, with 30 ribbons every match and an average 3 hour match duration, which is roughly 250+ days. I mean, seriously. Spend 250 or more days playing only Master Horde while never sleeping, never eating or only eating during matches, not having any social contact or anything else? Jeez.

That is of course if there wasn’t certain other methods like the aforementioned 16+ ribbon runs on Escape, or what other people have done, get 1 ribbon on Incon, restart and back out over and over, or a certain DFB method that got patched out because apparently it was not in line with the absurdly ridiculous completion expectations for the existing Reup system if you were to play normally, only on Master and played the characters that could get 30+ ribbons in Horde easily.

But hey, it’s perfectly fine, right?

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Yeah, the one I tested was as follows

Escape - The Descent - Master - Get first ribbon - Restart Act - Return to Lobby

Takes 2m 30s

Base XP - 1680
Ribbon - 150
Boost - 1830
Total - 3660

So just do that 21,356 times (rounding up)

Which is 3,203,299 seconds or 53,388 minutes or 890 hours or 37.07 days

Again perfectly reasonable.

Add in peoples jobs, families, other hobbies, sleeping and as long as Gears 6 comes out November 2023 we may be just over halfway?

Edit: I am guessing this release date. It is not based in any fact. I am simply highlighting that if the game was out for 4 years before a sequel it would still be difficult to acquire the xp in normal play.

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Sauce please?

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It’s a guess

I am trying to estimate when it could come out and the ridiculous nature of the xp grind

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It is ridiculous agreed :slight_smile:


Go for Lethal Engagements to cut down on about a week’s worth of time. The first two enemies are right outside the door and can be easily executed. Add 15 day boost from the ToD Iron when you decide to actually sit down and do just this, probably the most efficient way I know of right now.

That’s not the case for me. You have longer to go for the first kill on The Descent but the map loads up quicker than Lethal Engagements. The total time is about the same, at least on my XB1 X

Gonna have to get a test run myself to see if you’re right, seems interesting. Load times were usually the same for me for both maps.

Seems like it was either a plan to sell boost, or they plan on supporting the game for a long time.

They’re seriously gonna add more re-ups? Yikes, like I gotta wonder who or what made them think the first 50 were oh so easy to achieve in the first place, that they needed to add more…:thinking:But I know at the end of the day, it’s all about artificially inflating that gameplay time through unnecessary nerfs or super grindy achievements.

A few months ago, there were mentions on dev stream about adding newer better Re-up rewards but that was low priority at the time. If it’s true they’re gonna add more Re-ups and not reduce current XP requirements, then would you prefer the newer better Re-up rewards to be added onto 0-50 or 51+ and beyond? After all, 0-50 already have weapon skin rewards. If there were to be no Re-up rewards at 51+, there may not be much incentive, just like with Wings 6-10 in Gears 4. Or would you prefer they added for every single Re-up from 0-51+? I’m aware that even if 51+ had cooler rewards, most players may not be able to reach there at all.

I have different calculations.

Long list (Click this)

How much XP every Re-up

  1. 1,000
  2. 1,100
  3. 1,200
  4. 1,300
  5. 1,400
  6. 1,500
  7. 1,600
  8. 1,700
  9. 1,800
  10. 1,900
  11. 2,000 —
  12. 2,600
  13. 3,200
  14. 3,800
  15. 4,400
  16. 5,000 —
  17. 7,000
  18. 9,000
  19. 11,000
  20. 13,000
  21. 15,000 —
  22. 15,400
  23. 15,800
  24. 16,200
  25. 16,600
  26. 17,000
  27. 17,400
  28. 17,800
  29. 18,200
  30. 18,600
  31. 19,000 —
  32. 19,800
  33. 20,600
  34. 21,400
  35. 22,200
  36. 23,000
  37. 23,800
  38. 24,600
  39. 25,400
  40. 26,200
  41. 27,000 —
  42. 28,000
  43. 29,000
  44. 30,000
  45. 31,000
  46. 32,000 —
  47. 33,500
  48. 35,000
  49. 36,500
  50. 38,000
  51. 39,500

0-20 = 9,050,000 XP
21-30 = 17,200,000 XP
31-40 = 23,400,000 XP
41-50 = 33,250,000 XP

0-20 = 9,050,000 XP
0-30 = 26,250,000 XP
0-40 = 49,650,000 XP
0-50 = 82,900,000 XP

So getting 50 is like getting Re-up 0-20, about 9x times.

Edit: Ignore me. Carry on. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just checking that you are multiplying each level of exp 99 times per reup, not 100?

(I haven’t totalled it all, too lazy).

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Nvm, you are right.

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