Changes to raking points again?

hey i noticed a big spike again!

i was diamond 3 88%. i played a game and gained 1 point. all of the sudden i am placed with 19966 points and now i am masters in top 15%. i was masters before the point update but i was just wondering if any1 else has received extra points or lost points again…

Yup same

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gained points or did you lose points?

I gained 70 pts but went all the way down to onyx 1 from onyx 3 lol. Game is broken. These guys literally cant get anything rite. Grind for 2 days just to get demoted in one gane that i took MVP on LOL.!

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yeh its rigged man… idk if masters means anything now…

It said Igained 3000 points in an Execution, but I lost rank lol