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Changes to Allies level requirements?

Also 2v2 doesnt track for rounds won

This numbers are way too high - it’s in no proportion to anything else in the game right now. It feels like they just slapped a number on there without considering what it actually means.

I really like the idea of the Ally system but it’s implementation could use some work and I hope we will see some changes in one of the next updates!

Levels 3 to 5 is just nuts. :hot_face:

My group is playing Guardian and do all rounds mostly in less than 30 seconds, our record is 14 seconds.
Guardian is quicker than Dodgeball, Dodgeball is an extra round for only 2 honor extra.

I don’t think you can do it in 50 hours, I think it’s more like 70 hours.

We do a couple of sessions a week for max 2 hours, we aim at 900 honor in those 2 hours.

But then again: horrible grind and glad when it’s over…

Having recently won the BFF cheevo, I can confirm that the requirements for level 5 have not changed. You need 26125 total ally points to get from lvl 0 to 5. Basically, the point requirements double between each level.

Quickest way to do it is play Guardian with Bots. Prepare to die from infinite boredom. :wink:

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Yeah I check everytime if they lowered the amount of honor needed :frowning:

Octus promised they would look into it just as every other freaking problem which hasn’t been solved since September

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You are wrong there bro,

Dodgeball is 32 honor for 4 rounds while Guardian is 30 honor per 3 rounds.

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Yeah man you are right, I deleted my comment so that no one should be able to read and get it wrong x’D

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