Changes to Allies level requirements?

Just got on Xbox to finish up campaign on insane. You know at the main menu when you press RT to see the social tab and see your Allies levels with your friends… well, I was almost at level 1 with a buddy of mine (MadMassacre510) since we played a little bit when the game dropped, but now I get on today and see that I’m already past level 1 with him and it says Allies now instead of Not yet Allies. Also for some reason it shows a “%2” next to his name but not any of my other friends.

So there must have been changes to level requirements for Allies because I jumped a level despite not having played with him for a few weeks. I’m just hoping I’m not screwed out of the ‘make a new ally’ achievement because I’m Allies with him now but still haven’t unlocked it.

Were there any recent changes to it and what does the %2 next to his name mean?

The % has always been there, it means when you play with him in Vr’s (I assume Horde/Escape) you both get an xp boost of 2%
If you are a chevo player, there are two tied to this system also.

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Oh okay, nice to know that.

Has the level requirements changed? Because I went from Not Allies to level 1 and a half Allies with him so it had to change the amount of Honor Xp required sometimes between yesterday and today.

Not sure on that one I’m afraid, not paid a great deal of attention to it.

TC did say they overshot on the lowest level requirements and were planning to make changes.

Perhaps they have already been implemented? Either that or you have played enough with them to level up.

They probably were implemented in the last 24 hours or so because I have not played with him since the first week and my stats with him (20 versus rounds won) has not changed.

Did they lower the level 1 requirement only or did they lower the XP threshold all the way up to level 5 too?

The requirements must have been lowered then, as that previously would have given you 200/250 points.

I didn’t even know TC had made the change yet until your post, so I don’t know any of the new values. I presume not as they spoke amount overshooting at the low levels and wanted to take time to see how well the higher levels were achieved.

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Yes that’s correct. It was previously at 200/250 but now it shows that I’m a level 1 Ally at 75/1000 currently despite not having played with him for a while now. Not sure how they changed the values calculation but I’m guessing it may be lowered to 125 Honor Xp instead of 250 required for making a new Ally (getting to level 1) since it seems to be halved now (125 + 75 equaling to 200 total) since I’m still at 20 versus wins and nothing else.

What was the previous requirement for completing level 1, was it still 1000 Honor Xp? Because if it is, then it’s only the lowest level values changed like you mentioned.

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0-1 = 250 ally xp
1-2 = 1000 ally xp
2-3 = 3000 ally xp
3-4 = 7500 ally xp
4-5 = 15000 ally xp


Do you have any idea what might be quickest way of levelling Gears Allies? I think I’ve done like over 800+ Escape Chapters cleared with someone and we’re at halfway through from 6% to 8%. I’m not sure whether Co-op vs AI might be faster. Or it depends on game mode, which has different values? Still not sure how this all worked out.


From TA:

Completing a Campaign chapter will give you 10 ally xp
Winning a Versus round in Multiplayer will give you 10 ally xp
Completing 1 chapter in Escape will give you 10 ally xp
Completing 1 wave of Horde will give you 3 ally xp

CO-OP VS AI values:
4 round Dodgeball = 32 ally XP
3 round Guardian = 30
2 round KOTH = 30
2 round Team Deathmatch = 20
1 round Arms Race = 10

Rinse and repeating Gaurdian or Dodgeball wins on an easy map like training grounds would be the best (nades can take out most enemies easily)


I believe it’s not changed, it just takes time for the honor to sync…

It has definitely changed.

I just checked and people i am not allies with (and have never played) with say 0/125


It’s changed. Level 1 requires 125 instead of 250. Other than that, nothing else has changed. Still the same grind.

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I’ve played the game since day one with the same friend. Were still only level 2

A ok, that’s stupid.

They should reduce all levels…


Now only 500 to level 2. Think they lowered all levels. Will find out tomorrow as i boost my allies

Nice, will you let us know?

Ryan and Octus are aware of the bug of the ‘Friend in Me’ achievement being bugged as a result of level 1 honor being reduced from 250 to 125. Hopefully, it will be fixed in TU3.

It is time for TC to lower the amount needed for level 3 to 5.

I don’t mind solo grinding, but co-op grinding is just annoying.

Is there any word about this? I don’t use social media…

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