Changes needed for future games in the main series (in my opinion)

I just want to point out that everyone may not agree with these changes, but I’m willing to bet people may agree with at least one or two of them.

  1. Flashbangs need to have a greater effect. When someone is affected by the Flashbang, they lose the ability to shoot/melee. This is great, but for some reason they are also able to move away from incoming shots as well. Make it so Flashbangs slow those affected by it as well.

  2. Let the B button activate the chainsaw bayonet again. Using the reload button can cause players to accidentally reload instead. It will mean that you can’t melee with the Lancer, but that’s ok. Players did it for years with no issue.

  3. Let the Y button be the execution button again. As far as I know, Y doesn’t do anything in PVP, right? Using B leads to shenanigans such as kicking the enemy by mistake, or in the case of the Mantle Kick execution, you sometimes swipe at them which wastes time and can get you killed. The Y button would prevent those things from happening.

  4. Executions should be one button press. Hear me out. Executions are supposed to be special, right? They’re supposed to feel epic. Well currently, they don’t. Why? Because you’re waiting for the indicator to fill up. Here’s what happens when you currently try to execute someone while waiting for the indicator to fill up. One; the enemy crawls away. Two: you accuse kick the enemy because you’re holding the melee button. Three: a teammate comes and kills the enemy. None of those things feel special at all.

4 (continued). Making executions one button presses would not harm the game at all. Executions only affect the player. They don’t grant extra kills in Elimination game modes, and they don’t grant extra points scored in Objective game modes. And before anyone says “it allows you to kill the enemy too fast”, we already have two other things that can kill a downed enemy in one buttons press: the shoot button and the melee button. Same thing. In fact, those are faster and don’t leave you vulnerable like executions do.

  1. Removed for being nonsensical.

I think by and large many will agree with your suggestions, however, this is the one that is likely to cause the most discourse. I personally, feel flashbangs should have never been a thing in Gears. A flashbang with a larger AOE, that blinds, prevents use of actions AND slows your charcter? This sounds like my nightmare.

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They had this before except the blind part. It was the Gears 3 Ink and it was loathed and consequently the stun was removed so I completely agree with your assessment here. I do like the flashbacks as they are. Viable but you have to be accurate. Also, they don’t completely outshine smokes promoting diversity.

I agree with the rest of the points except maybe 5 which seems a bit trivial.

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Well, they don’t have to freeze people in place, just slow them a bit. Getting hit by a Flashbang almost makes slipping away easier somehow. The only downside is that you can’t shoot. But you sure as heck can retreat.

As for number 5, yeah, I kinda just slapped that one on for the heck of it. Sorry. Should’ve just left the list at four. lol.

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I’ve said some of these things numerous times. I agree with the most part apart from some small changes.

  1. Flashbangs need to be removed entirely. The old Smoke frag with concussion is the way to go.

  2. I agree

  3. I definitely agree.

  4. Executions should be one button press. Hear me out. - No. While executions should return to Y, the CURB STOMP should be the one button press. The rest should be by holding it in.

wouldnt you want a stun grenade then? like in COD flashes would blind you and stuns would slow you down.