Changes in Maps for Guardian

Guardian is Gears 2 was great because of the maps that allowed barricading. Think about Gears 2 Jacinto. It gave a place for the leader to post up. I think slightly altering some existing maps for guardian only could be cool. Any thoughts? @TC_Octus


Yeah, Guardian in Gears 2 was the best because of barricading and the double nade plants to protect leader. It seemed like people actually tried to protect the leader back then. Now, nobody bothers, even though the mode is called “Guardian”.

And even in Gears 3, it was superior because leader could see through walls instead of having to hit select to watch a map with moving dots.

TC made Guardian worse imo.

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Can’t even use a single grenade plant to protect the leader in 5, as the enemy team can see them via tac-com :rofl:.

Not many defensive options available. :thinking:

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Lol you’d be surprised how many people don’t use tac-com.

Sitting in spawn seems to be a popular approach. :laughing:

Indeed. I’ve seen my fair share of aggressive leaders too.

That would be me. It’s why my KD is trash as leader in Guardian. I can’t stand sitting around and twiddling my thumbs waiting for my team to do something. I’m great at killing the enemy team and leader, but I’m a terrible leader lol.

Sounds like we play the same way :rofl:

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