Changes for the Hammerbusrt for gears 5

Goal of the post - Explain how to build the Hammerburst into a starting rifle that doesn’t become OP or easily abused.

The rifle in the past (when available in a loadout):

Gears 2 was close by going single shot, but once ppl figured out there was no fire cap and they could better control the recoil it was the only rifle to use.

Gears 3 was meant to be a long range centered weapon but the 0% recoil and no fire rate cap again made it INSANE from any range (that’s not to say I didn’t like it. I actually loved it tbh but I get why it didn’t come back in 4)

Judgement… well the classic HB was… odd. It wasn’t bad or good but it played more like an SMG than a rifle. The normal HB had MUCH more recoil but because the game eliminated DBNO it was hard to tell if it was the right fit for the gun.

Gears 4 went from an underpowered pea shooter in the beta and early on once the game released, to an overpowered weapon capable of downing fast but awful for finishing downs due to capacity, to slightly less OP (in a 1 on 1 fight) with a larger clip to help finish downs.

How to build it for Gears 5:

  • 5 round burst long range rifle
  • ROF like the gorgon pistol from gears 2
  • 30 round mag
  • 10 shots to down
  • no headshot multipliers
  • actives increase damage to 7 rounds to down instead of increasing ROF
  • Recoil the same as it is now

Do this and I believe it makes the gun unique enough to warrant use, but not effective enough to outclass the lancer or enforcer at their ideal ranges. Essentially it can be devastating in the right hands, but requires an unaware or weak/out of position opponent at a mid to long range. Not every person would want to use it since the lancer would destroy you in a straight up fight from mid/close range and the enforcer would hands down win in its effective range.

Any thoughts? I’d love to see some feedback, but please try and keep it constructive. What would you change to make the HB a starting rifle again or do you think it should stay a pickup from now on without any changes?


Yikes :grimacing:


That’s like pressing the RT twice to completely down someone.

I prefer just lancer and gnasher as starting just like the first game

I would prefer a Semi-Auto / Single Shot Hammy with firing cap.

I hear ya, but if you remember the ROF of the gorgon I think you’ll see why this gun wouldn’t be so scary…

Go to about 3:55 in the video. The cap is pretty brutal and keep in mind this pistol used to 1 shot active down. The proposed rifle would need 2 FULL bursts to down.

But all it takes is two people crossfiring Hammerburst on one person to completely down them.
Player 1 and 2, both doing 5 rounds each onto one person = 10 rounds and downed.

True, but that’s two people hitting a full burst on a roughly stationary target. If the person is moving at all that isn’t likely to happen.

Not to mention if the other person is returning fire with a lancer from mid distance or closer they will most likely win the gun fight. I guess I’d have to see it in practice. Tough to just put something on paper and make a decision.

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Could 1 shot people down without an active if you were really accurate.

(I had 100K kills with the Gorgon.)

The active reload is what makes the Hammerburst so powerful in Gears 4. Without that it’s fairly average

Clone GoW2 hammy, problem solved.

Idk if the gears 2 hammy would have a place with the enforcer in this game. Not to mention the no fire rate cap in 2 made it crazy…

GoW2 hammy was just right in terms of damage and range it matches up well with the lancer without being OP like GoW3 & 4 hammies. The enforcer is literally only ok to use on tiny maps like security and checkout

From my memory, the back half of that games life cycle all you’d see is the HB. I don’t recall running into any lancers, or at least not very often due to the lack of a fire cap.

Personally I’d like a slower firing, accurate, long range rifle. Something that rewards accuracy and ability to position yourself but that isn’t super viable in any engagement inside of mid range. Just my thought at least.

  1. Stay the same
  2. Remove pickup option
  3. Allow as loadout weapon for players who prefer it but cap it at 1-2 players per team. In cases where 3 players on a team want it, the game will either select at random who gets it or will base the decision on whoever has best stats with the weapon.

All problems solved thank you and goodbye

You guys are looking in the wrong place for a fix. Does the Hammerburst need rebalanced? Possibly. But so does the Lancer at this point (at least within Core settings). You can be downed with I believe 9 bullets from the Lancer and that’s if it’s only one Lancer firing upon you. The issue is that there doesn’t appear to be enough health to support the power the rifles are currently toting. Go back to a similar damage/health system that was in Gears of War 3. It’s time to understand that this isn’t the first Gears of War, the movement is more reminiscent of Gears of War 3 and that is the model to match.