Changes coming to lancer?

Get good Bro!

I guess we’re just in disagreement then. I don’t think I should have to switch to my shotgun every time someone is running at me.

he is a good horde player… the game its not good enough for him. which is different.

So u can create more distance on an ongoing basis then. It’s map awareness. If you really tried hard at it you could just not have to use the gnasher. The strategy of ruthlessly using a ranged option and using it well while mobilizing with your team kills a gnasher player running straight at you. Not trying to argue, just sharing my opinion. What you’re describing sounds like an outplay to me. An issue is that there can be severely lopsided teams and players are able to run at you without you noticing. You and your team gotta do something to stop them from running at you.


That’s what a shotgun in any shooter is designed for. Close quarters combat. If you really don’t want to use the Gnasher, then try to chainsaw them. I don’t want a mechanic that has my character throw their gun behind them because they got shot to come back.

He could switch to the Gnasher? LOL laCNER is A SupPorT WeAPon

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Then stop trying to use the Lancer when an enemy is in your face with a Gnasher.

Also, there’s no need to add more stopping power when the Lancer already has a magazine size of 40 with an 8 second recharge for actives. And oh, already has plenty of ■■■■■■■ stopping power.

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I get it but I just preferred the gameplay when people couldn’t run at u, with no game plan other then rush and kill. Prevoius gears made u have to really think where u next cover is gonna be when approaching someone with a rifle. No just run up shoot. I do it to I just don’t Ike it as muc.

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Crossing fingers that it’s positive for horde mode,it’s like you can only get a chainsaw kill(s) for a kill,Not knocking teammates it seems for me to get a good magazine into the swarm and another gamer takes the kill.