Changes coming to lancer?

I saw the devs said there are changes coming but does anyone have any idea as to what they are?

Im really hoping for stopping power on the lancer.


Can anybody confirm that there is no stopping power already? I would guess that there is from my own experiences playing gears 5. It may not be as much stopping power as say the gears 3 lancer, but i would guess it is already there in gears 5.

I hope for not too much of a change. It’s fine and powerful as is. Why do you want more stopping power?

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Seriously. If you’re caught in the open, that weapon ends you. Especially with active rounds. I think it’s in a good place right now.

It’ll be a literal hell playing Co-Op vs. AI when their Lancers have increased stopping power.


The lancer itself has no stopping power. The claw is the only weapon i can think of that still has stopping power to the point where it’s actually noticeable.

I just constantly find myself in the situation where i will get pushed by someone rushing with a shotgun and I will hit them with 11 or 12 lancer bullets and they will still get close enough to gib me before they go down.


Rather than make the gun more powerful, is there anything you could do to solve the issue you’re having? Seems like if you just start shooting a bit earlier or create more distance, you’d be fine.

I find the lancer really unforgiving as it is. If you turn the wrong corner or slide to the wrong cover, you die from lancer fire before you can escape. That’s just my experience as a fairly frequent player of this game post the last lancer update.

I also can’t help but question whether or not it currently has stopping power. I feel like it does at the moment. You might not be able to notice it, but it could be there. Would be interested if more forum users can shed light on the matter.

Bro if you are questioning whether or not the lancer has stopping power then you are not a “frequent player of this game”.


Lancer is weak now, shoul o more damage more stopping power, more accuracy
is useless in horde in high difficulties


I am though. Wouldn’t it be funny if you were wrong. What reason do i have to take your word as gospel?

It’s not weak for MP. Simply not true. Just play better, problem solved.

No one is saying take my word for gospel. If you actually played MP you wouldn’t even debate this. You’re probably just a horde/escape player. So I understand why you think the answer is “play better”.

You’re the one mocking me for questioning you.

You said it yourself in your OP dude, the claw is the only one that “noticeably” has stopping power. The lancer probably has stopping power, but it’s barely noticeable. Unlike yourself I do actually question myself hence I’m inviting anyone else to confirm if possible.

It’s funny how condescending you are for a player begging TC to make the lancer more powerful for you so that you can get some kills.
Literally play any sweaty match, or watch the gears eSports, and you should be able to tell that the lancer is plenty powerful.

I’ve barely touched horde or escape. I play koth and lately I’m around the onyx (or diamond if I’m lucky) rank.

A horde player is telling me to play better and I’m the one being condescending :rofl:

You must not be able to read. It all makes sense now… :joy:

Lol wants stopping power on the lancer

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I agree I’m sick of people rushing me and getting just close enough to gib me. It’s rediculous that they just get to run through the bullets. Maybe it’s just the gib range. Idk I just think that It shouldn’t play out like that .

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How bout just when ur coming straight at people and they clearly have the advantage.

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The lancer should be weaker at close/mid range, but more consistent at longer range and the shotgun should have far less gib range, to get an instant kill with the gnasher you should have to be point blank range.

This way people can do a decent amount of damage with rifles at any range but the people being shot at have more time to escape and on the flip side, because a gnasher kill would need to be point blank range, shotgun fights would be fun again and not about who walks into the 2 shot down distance first.

Sounds nice but don’t think it’s gonna happen. TC’s weapon balance philosophy is to make everything deadly. I agree with you though.

@mrflankys707 there’s a delay in shooting the gnasher after coming out of a run. The gnasher gib range is too big but it kinda matches the overall weapon philosophy. Everything, including the gnasher, is OP. Therefore the weapons are balanced. :woozy_face:


Wha if they just brought back the flinch mechanic. That way if I tag u as ur about to gib me u may miss like gears 3

I wouldn’t mind to have a increased rate of fire for the Lancer… that would surely be appreciated.

I really think that gun needs an increased rate of fire ,

My opinion is that i don’t like that at all. You’re the one with your lancer out in the gib range. If someone with a gnasher gets to you unchecked and you still have your lancer out, you should be punished. Probably not what you want to hear, but that’s just me.

The thing is that TC has added a ton of stuff to give some kind of advantage and satisfaction to “rifle players” for lack of a better term. Rifle based maps. Plenty of rifle pick ups and other ranged pick ups. Delays all over gnasher play, 6 bullets instead of 8. Will it ever be enough?