Changes/Additions to make Gears 5 better

I’m going to get this out of the way first, this is purely my opinion on changes/additions that I think TC should make to Gears 5 to make it better and more enjoyable. I don’t expect everyone or anyone to agree with me on these and this will be rather long/wordy and somewhat of a rant of what I am dissatisfied with in Gears 5. This does not include things like weapon tuning, ranked match making issues, or being able to kick “problem” players from games as I feel those have been discussed in a number of other topics.

It’s just with each new OP I find myself playing less and less as for me the game has become stagnant and a boring mind numbing grind to get anything worth while only to be rewarded with the same boring stuff over and over. I had more fun playing Gears 1-3 and even 4 (though I did stop playing 4 for quite some time as I got bored of it as well) than I currently do with 5.

Then with how TC made changes ( a lot of which I feel were for the worse) to what we had gotten used to Gears 4 with what we got in Gears 5, it feels like once again they are putting out sub par content that we can earn while giving out better quality (though some of it is still sub par to me) content in the Store to still nickel and dime the community for anything it can.

General Changes/Additions

1 - Change the RNG on Supply Drops to lower the chances of getting something that you already have until you’ve gotten everything available. I am still missing over half of the total of all weapon skins available from the Supply Drop, but I’ve gotten every single banner and mark possible and continue to get nothing but the green rarity banners and marks over and over again. Or change the Supply Drop itself so that when it becomes available to earn we get to choose what category of items we want a chance at. I know this basically brings it back to loot box version of rewards, but at least we aren’t spending anything on it.

I am at the point that with the current model of TC releases content and the sub par quality of it, that I actually miss the loot boxes of Gears 4. Cause at least then I could earn coins in any mode and then use them on a chance of something I wanted, instead of constantly getting the dumb ■■■ marks and banners all the time. I personally do not give a ■■■■ about banners, marks, bloodsprays, or expressions I feel that the majority of these are nothing but sub par filler content that lack any creativity and are just there to fill up the Supply Drop and for TC to say they’ve released 100+ new customization items with each new OP. I miss the plethora of character and weapons skins we had from Gears 4.

2 - Add Beastmode as a game mode into the game. It was awesome in Gears 3 and I miss it.

3 - Get rid of or combine the Score Boost cards. It sucks to have 2 of these for every character and just shows the laziness of TC to not be able to come up with something different. Or since these cards are not unique to a character, make the universal cards so it combines all copies of this card from all characters into 1. You were able to do this on Gears 4 with the generic skill cards that every character class could use.

4 - Add in the Level 6 for cards already. We all know you plan to do it so just do it. It’s incredibly frustrating to be sitting on 100s upon 100s of duplicate green rarity skill cards that I can do nothing with. So either add the Level 6 in or finally decide not to and let us scrap all of these duplicate cards already.

5 - Fix the RNG for skill cards. If you play on Insane or higher for Horde or Escape, your chances to get greens should be much lower than it is. It sucks when I play a Master Horde 1-50 and end up with 8-10 green skill cards or a Master Escape and get 4-6 green skill cards.

-For an Insane 1-50 horde run, you should at most get 5 green cards, with the 3 of those cards being guaranteed blue, and other 2 cards being either blue or purple with a small chance of getting a gold.
-For an Inconceivable 1-50 horde run, you should at most get 4 green cards, with the 3 of those cards being guaranteed blue, 1 of those cards being a guaranteed purple, and other 2 cards being either blue or purple with a higher chance of getting a purple/gold for either of them.
-For a Master 1-50 horde run, you should at most get 3 green cards, with the 3 of those cards being guaranteed blue, 2 of those cards being a guaranteed purple, 1 of those cards being a guaranteed gold and last card being either purple or gold.

Again that payout for skill cards would only be like that if you played a full 1-50 from start to finish, if you join the game after Wave 1 starts or just play certain waves, the current RNG system is what decides what cards you get.

6 - Bring back weapons like the Scorcher, Ink Grenades, Mortar, One Shot, Boom Shields, and Gorgon pistol.

7 - Give more XP for all game modes. With the ridiculous requirements to reach re-up 20-30, let alone beyond that, the amount of XP given in any game mode on any difficulty is pitiful. Either double of the amount of XP currently given or reduce the XP requirements for re-ups by half.

8 - Reduce the iron costs for customization items in the store by half. I was pissed off when Oblivion released “horse armor” skins for $2-$3, I thought that was just crazy and outrageous corporate greed. But over the years its gotten worse among all developers trying to make a quick buck, Now TC is selling us character skins at $7+ and weapon skins at $5+ and it’s not even a full weapon skin set most times, along with things like marks/banners at $0.50 to $3.00 and expressions at $4+. The fact that anyone spends money on this stuff boggles my mind. These should not be that expensive for content that frankly should be unlockable in game.

9 - Increase the amount of Ally XP gained for everything. Put a modifier on it like with XP. Cause getting 150 ally points for a full 1-50 horde match regardless of difficulty is stupid. The amount of time it takes to clear a full 50 waves on any difficulty is on average (depending on who you’re playing with) 90 minutes to 3+ hours. In 2 hours of Co-Op vs AI on Beginner I can get about 750+ ally XP.

Also you should be able to earn ally XP with people not on your friends list. I think this would be a great way to show players who they keep playing with if they join lobbies with random players. A lot of people don’t like to use mics apparently, but if I was in a game with randoms and I saw that I had just obtained a new ally or was already a Level 1+ ally with someone not on my friends list, it might cause me to friend request them or send them messages/talk with them as we keep playing together.


1 - Add a Jack interface onto the power taps so that Jack can use them to get power as well. TC put a Jack interface on the Forge map for the furnace in horde so why can’t there be one on the taps?

2 - Let me pick my starting loadout of weapons or allow me to craft any of the basic loadout weapons in the fabricator for any character. The Lancer is the main COG weapon, the fact that only certain characters can get one is stupid. It’s the same with the pistols, all 3 pistols should be available to craft in the fabricator for any a character. Especially since the enemies no longer use Lancers or Boltoks like they did in Gears 4 so it’s impossible to get them unless someone else gives you there weapons.

3 - Make Jack more than just a support character in horde who can’t fight. Give him his other abilities from campaign for us to use in horde. Allow him to hijack guardians/sentinels, let him be able to fly as high as the guardians/sentinels as well. And maybe allow him to equip a weapon that he picks up. In the sense that it when you hold X to pick up something off the ground, you are given the option to equip it and use whatever ammo is in it and when it runs out of ammo it gets destroyed. This way he has more versatility then just healing and throwing weapons into the forge.

4 - Bring back the mutators from Gears 3. These are not the same as the modifiers we have in Escape. I want the actual mutators from Gears 3 horde. They don’t have to be available in public matches, but only in private custom matches and putting them on can disable achievements, give you less character and re-up XP, it won’t add anything into your game stats, and you won’t get anything other than green skill cards regardless of difficulty you put on. But they were fun to have on and mess around with.

5 - Add a Swarm/Locust version of Horde with Swarm/Locust versions of the fabricator and all fortifications. Any of the DB enemies can still be used to fight against as enemies, but all the drones/imagos get replaced by the generic COG soldiers or Onyx Guards and the Scion enemies can be replaced by the actual playable COG hero characters (Marcus, JD, Kait, Del, etc). You can swap out the bosses, keeping the Kestral, but instead of Swarmac you have to fight the Giant Robot (forgot the name) you pilot at the end of Gears 4. Instead of a Snatcher/Carrier you have to fight one of the Centaur tanks/vehicles.


1 - Add a Co-Op vs AI mode where you can play as the Swarm. The community has been asking for this since Gears 4 and with Swarm related objectives/medals it should be added in.

2 - Add all game types to each game mode. Every game type should be playable in both Public, Ranked, and Co-Op vs AI. For Public and Ranked you can keep the game modes separate so that you choose the game type you want to play. For Co-Op vs AI you just add them all into the RNG that comes up at the voting screen and give 3 random game types like you currently do.

3 - Get rid of the map RNG. For Ranked I say keep it the way it is, with the 3 random maps, and you vote on 1 to play on. For Public and Co-Op vs AI, get rid of the RNG completely and just put the maps on a rotation like it was in previous Gears games so that we actually play on different maps. Cause right now it’s the same 5 maps that constantly appear at the voting screens.


1 - Get rid of the specific 7 modifiers for each map and instead let us choose which 7 to put on from the pool of all modifiers available. I get that this will make Mastering maps cakewalks by putting certain modifiers on, but again it also adds in more variety for what can happen on each map. Also maybe make it so that by having on any 7 you get Master difficulty, but you give us the ability to add on even more modifiers past 7. This doesn’t add a new difficulty rating (Master is quite frankly high enough, no higher difficulties need to be added), but what this does by adding on 8 or modifiers, will give those who want a challenge the challenge they desire, but it also increases the % of getting higher level rarity skills cards. To the point where you could effectively make it so that there is a 0% chance to get a green rarity skill card.

2 - Come up with some new locations for the hives. I get that they are all in mines of some kind, but the frozen or mechanical/metal layouts all look the same and it always ends with you coming out of the the hive on some snow topped mountain. We have other locations in the game, certainly there are other mines on Sera that aren’t in the snow covered mountains, What about desert hives, jungle/tropical hives, ocean/water hives. Surely you could come up with a hive based in a desert, jungle, or normal rock/mountain environment.

Not everything has to be centered around ice landscapes. Give us hives with sand, vegetation, or water in them, and not just ice/metal. Or maybe get away from the the “former mine” motif and create hives based on former locust temples/dens, abandoned COG settlements, old imolsion drilling sites, or even old archeological dig sites. I’d like to see a hive that was based around a dig site of one of those massive creatures that you always see the bones of just laying around. Maybe a hive where you are going through the carcass one of those giant worms from Gears 2.

3 - With a focus on Allies, why not make Escape 5 players as well? Will it become to easy then? Again, what if you had 5 players and 14 modifiers on?

4 - Pistols should be found in hives like any other weapon. You should start the hive with just the knife and nothing else. Maybe have a couple of extra pods in the spawn room with a dissolved npc or half turned juvie that has a pistol in it. Cause if your pistol can make it through a Snatcher capturing you and putting you into a pod, why can’t a lancer or other weapons?

Tour of Duty

1 - Allow user created hives and custom versus matches to count toward ToD medals and daily objectives.

2 - Once you complete General Rank on ToD, allow any additional stars to be banked just like iron/scrap. Now these stars can’t be rolled over toward the next OPs ToD ranks, but instead they can be kept like iron/scrap and used when the player wants. Examples of what they can be used for would be:

-Previous operation ToD unlockables, that were either earnable from completing medal challenge pages or by ranking up through the ToD, this would not include any item that was in the Store, only those you could have earned. As you bank stars, if you missed out on an earnable unlockable item from a previous OPs ToD, you can use the stars to get that item, but only if you did not already unlock it. So for those who are just starting the game and missed out on OP 1 and 2, for 25 stars you can unlock a 1 green rarity, 50 stars for 1 blue rarity, 100 stars for 1 purple rarity, and 200 stars for 1 gold rarity reward from those previous operations.
-The extra stars you earned can be converted in scrap. For every star you decide to convert, you get 5 scrap.
-The extra stars you earned can be converted into iron. Since iron is a currency you can buy with real money and TC doesn’t like to reward a lot of it during the ToD, for every 10 stars you convert, you get 5 iron,
-The extra stars you earned can be converted in XP toward you’re level/re-ups. So at the end of a given operation, any extra stars you have all converted into XP at 100 XP per star. As TC gives you a few thousand XP depending on rankings in Ranked Versus or the Weekly Hives, I feel 100 per extra star earned is a fair amount. And would help in lessening the grind toward re-up 30-50.

Plus if we got something for extra stars, maybe I would care about the Daily Challenges and other Medals in ToD after getting the General reward.

Future Content/Achievements

1 - Give us campaign DLC. Nothing everything you release has to be about multiplayer. Give us DLC like RAAM’s Shadow where we get to play side story events that we only hear about during the campaign. Or events that happened in between games.

2 - Release more characters to choose from. You’ve given us the Carmines and the DB which are only playable in versus, But frankly every character that was available in Gears 4 should have been available to unlock at launch in Gears 5. Instead we get drip fed characters because you claim you were making them all Heroes so you had to come up with skill cards and perks for each one. Based on that, you should have kept the system from Gears 4 and allowed us to play whoever we want in a match and then pick our class for Horde.

3 - In addition to releasing more characters, how about giving us characters we haven’t gotten before in Gears 4. How about the rest of the Kilo and Zeta squad members from Judgement and RAAM’s Shadow. Or maybe give us characters that we know exist but have not appeared in the Gears games, like Gabriel Diaz (Kait’s father, Oscar’s brother).

4 - Stop making achievements like you did in Gears 4, they lacked any real creativity and you just made us replay the same thing over and over but slapped a higher difficulty on it. Beating the campaign on insane was fine, there is no need to replay the campaign again on inconceivable, master, ironman, or any new difficulty you decide to put into the game because you couldn’t think of anything original just for an achievement, when there is no longer a character/weapon skin unlockable that we get for doing it. It’s boring and waste of time unless you are an achievement hunter.

5 - Any future achievements you release that require kills with certain weapons or X amount of kills in general, should all be retroactive. None of this as of “insert date” as it makes all previous progress null and void.

6 - You gave us a map creator for Escape that allowed players to create hives there own custom hives, so why not allow us to create horde/versus maps. You could even do contests where the best creations become new maps for Gears 5. You have an entire gaming community at your disposal that has already come up with hives that are far more interesting that then ones you release each OP. Let their creativity work for you, just give them the tools.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Again, this was just my opinion and I apologize for the length of this but it’s stuff I’ve been thinking about since Gears 5 released and my dissatisfaction with Gears 5 just seems to keep adding to the list with each new OP. It’s a decent game overall, but when compared to previous Gears games, the only it’s better than is Judgement.

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I thought Jack was able to do this now already evem without a Jack interface? Can’t remember nor find where this was mentioned but people have said they could do so now. Would have to test myself rather than just relying on words from others to be sure.

Would absolutely take this, even things like the ruined half overgrown Azura complex that was falling apart. Or the desert where Del and JD went, to this so-called “Orzabal Crater” with a burial site where the evac point wouldn’t be a Raven landing pad but a Condor on a landing strip. Hell, I’d go as far as adding destructible scenery to send falling down on Swarm rather than always having to shoot them to death, and a location like that would be perfect for it. Old, decrepit, not maintained. Plenty of things that could be shot to fall down, maybe even explosive barrels. Throw in a Windflare seen coming from afar occasionally for good measure as well. I’m surprised and at the same time slightly disappointed only the Campaign has any type of environmental hazards to be used to your advantage against the enemies. There’s a bunch of things that could even be used on the existing time sets(like, there’s large ice blocks hanging on a transport rail… why couldn’t we shoot that off to crush enemies?). But I guess since TC scaled down tile development in favor of MP maps we’ll not see any of that in the near future.

Last dev stream mentioned that getting stars has an use post-General is a priority for the team. Suppose it shouldn’t be too long until we see it.

TC say they’re working on revising the Reup XP but it is “not a priority” just like Level 6 skills. Apparently coming with the Allies levels rework but who knows when that comes in. All in favor of more XP gains or more ways to earn it though.

Also, yes, Score Boost should just be combined into one skill. Or maybe just get rid of it altogether because I honestly fail to see the point in its existence. What use is it? Make regular Master completions not be what would get you a high/1% leaderboard placement? Seems redundant.

Here’s something of my own more related to audio. I find the audio made by the Hammer of Dawn in Tactics to be better than the one in Gears 4/5. Would be nice to have that over the one it currently makes.

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I love reading a Forum recap every two weeks.


tbf he qualified it with “in my opinion” which means you didn’t have to read the whole thing

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If TC want’s to know what people want they can look anywhere in the forum; if TC wants to know how bad the people want it they can look everywhere :smiley:

tbf any site including the forum is an echo chamber. The only real data (not anecdotal) would be sales figures and usage figures which are not visible to us.

Every once in a while I get something useful or meet someone cool; but I’m guessing that you’re talking about what TC can learn though, not us.
What is the best way to get a point across to TC? A guy I played with a bunch of times a couple weeks ago said it was possible but I didn’t press him how because we were mastering hives and I had to focus.

Yes. A GaaS developer needs real data. Numbers. Making decisions only based on forum/twitter/reddit posts is a losing prospect and provides too narrow of a view of the opinions of the entire Gears 5 population.

I’m here for the same reasons. Find cool people, talk about a cool game. Make some jokes. And hopefully plant some ideas about quality of life features.