Change the RAAM quest

General RAAM: Execute 30 COG characters as a Swarm character

to plain Execute 30 characters… This game has cross-play and all but I can’t find a match on Quickplay and doing this as a swarm character is next to impossible… C’mon TC you know better than this.

Edit playing on steam and Asia Region…

Have you tested to see if a custom game against bots works for the challenge?

Arcade Quickplay would be easy way,

I just tested hosting a game with bots and unfortunately they didn’t count.

I was worried that this challenge would be super difficult too, but I actually got all 30 executes in a single match of KOTH. Chainsaw kills count, remember. Its just a piss take because you can only do it as swarm and it took me 10 games to finally get a match as the swarm.

Worth mentioning that we ended up winning the game too, despite my minimal efforts :joy:

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only custom horde gets xp…Idk about escape

Escape does as well.