Change The execution input from B to Y

Gears 5 is taking the Judgment’s aesthetic in a way by changing the execution input to B instead of Y. I have a problem with this because it seems like there’s no way to do the curb stomp execution, which has been a staple since gears1. Another problem is when I want to execute someone it can happen to where I kick them as apose to properly executing them. I understand that the new arcade deathmatch mode utilizes the Y button in a particular way. But I think TC can work around that and give us proper gears gameplay mechanics.Please give us the original inputs for the executions. I think the main reason why is so we can have our curb stomp back. That would make us happy

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If you wanna split hairs, executions were X in Gears 1 and B when weapon-specific executions were added. Them moving it around really shouldn’t upset anyone.

I do agree that curbstomping needs to be an option but tbh I never see anyone curbstomp in Gears 4.

Becausee nobody played gears 4 for more than few months, in europe ateast. Me and my buddies stopped when we couldnt find execution matches which was a month after release and even Tc said that the vast majority of players where new comers that why you dont see curb stomps anymore, in that joke of a mode called TDM you dont need to come close to finish your opponent.

Gears died in europe, the game lost its unique feel ever since the introduction of tdm and the huge buff giving to rifles. The lack of xbox one sales is also another factor i n the extremly low population in europe, ps4 is outselling xb1 by a huge marging and huge chunk of people who used to game on 360 moved to sony.

I get matched with Europeans constantly, so dont give me that.

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Stop it with that gears 4 is dead bs cause that’s not relevant to the topic. Matter of fact your entire reply just derailed from your own topic. And literally no one uses curb stomp unless they know they’re safe, in which case they’ll use a weapon execution to get the extra points.

I don’t even know what Y does so should stay as execution button.


The in game Map and Scoreboard button change is annoying.


And yet, day in, day out I play against stacked teams TDM & KoTH.

Teams from Portugal, Spain, Italy, France all the way to Russia.

I guess your God Execution skills aren’t good enough to beat casuals in KoTH, not to mention stacked O3 teams. D1-D5 stacked teams are not so common but just few days ago played again one team like that with average versus play time between 120-160 days.

Your statements are full of sh*tty lies.

Why are you doing this? Why do you lie on purpose?

I am TIRED of kicking when I want to execute and reloading when I want to chainsaw. Please add an option to switch execute to hold Y and scrap lancer melee for chainsaw. It takes a lot of fun out of the game even tho it seems minor