Change Suggestions (for both cosmetic and mechanical aspects)

Okay, so as of at this moment, the last hurdle of Operation 3 has me really doubting the lifespan of Gears 5 due to some of the changes implemented as of late. o here’s a few suggestions TC could potentially use as inspiration for mid-Operation patches over the next few Ops.

Lancer - for starters, the tried-and-true iconic Lancer is forever stuck in this weird limbo in Gears 5 of having its magazine size slashed, it’s damage messed around with like a line graph and it’s reticle bloom being increased to a not-so-funny bad spread. With the unusual removal of Active reload damage bonuses (another key mechanic from Gears 1) being sliced, the Lancer is more or less gimped.
The Lancer should have it’s reticle bloom reduced and spread tightened to combat the lack of adequate DPS, or give it a bit more punch and stopping power so that whilst shooting continuously will send your shots wide, each round will hurt significantly more. Nobody asked for this to be made into a semi-auto/burst fire pea shooter; we have the Hammerburst for that (lol no we don’t as it’s a power weapon that’s only in like 1 level :confused: )

Gnasher - Every eSport rejects favourite hand cannon is also a victim of inconsistency. The meme of doing between 81-86% of damage at kill range is still annoyingly alive and kicking. The Gnasher needs to feel more like handheld death sentence in CQC. Increase the damage, loosen the choke and spread, and narrow down the gib distance so whilst it’s more restricted to being a melee firearm, it’s a guaranteed kill if you hit the mark. (also stops it hilariously trumping a Lancer at midrange…)

Melee - Whilst it was most definitely too strong on launch (and I’m a real fan of getting bloody knuckles) melee is now utterly useless. The absence of tracking, reach and stun makes it suicidal. Whilst it should still be a last resort, it should have a bit of tracking, reach and stun restored, so if some cuck with a Gnasher comes at you and you manage to lash at them, it gives you a moment to jump out of the way or try to land a lucky shot (without it being the good ol’ two-piece).

Active Reload - A core mechanic from the very first Gears of War scalped and removed from the game for…whatever reason.
Hats off to those select few who benefit from it, but for me and the thousands of others who cherish the extra bit of stopping power, fire rate and damage, this change is nonsensical, clumsy, and a disregard to the foundation of Gears of War. It’s just bad.
Perhaps reintroduce the Active Reloading to the weapons, but balance it by severely reducing the threshold required to land the perfect Active, and slightly decrease the statline buffs/duration the AR bestows. The whole point of AR was to reward the player’s precise hand and ability to remain cool under pressure with a slight advantage which added another layer of tactical thinking and gameplay to Gears. With AR gone, it just feels like a watered down Ghost Recon.

Chainsaw - PATCH THIS ■■■■■■■ SAW! Ever since Op 3 rolled around, the chainsaw now has a nasty habit of seldomly refusing to start when holding down RB, only to trigger a reload upon release. I don’t need to go into detail to elaborate how frustrating this is when I must’ve cheated out of hundreds of easily-winnable situations due to a nasty bug on a strange traditional button remapping.
Please. Fix the chainsaw. (now we see the problem of remapping the saw/bayonet to the reload button :frowning:)

Splitting certain playlists - Mixing playlists is usually a good thing, but in Gears 5’s case, it seems to fall short. Mixing Gnashers-Only into regular FFA is straight-up ■■■■■■■■■ and ruins the experience when I jst want to have a nice, skillful match of predator and prey against 13 other players, only to get stuck in a match of rubber walls, busted shotguns and cyanide levels of toxicity.
TDM, KoTH and Guardian should also be separated in Casual Quickplay, as given the mixing of game modes, too many times have me and my party come across teammates who play KoTH like TDM with infinite lives and MoAr GnAsShuR KiLlz instead of playing the objective.
Splitting the playlists will allow everyone to pick the game mode THEY are looking for, and make everyone a lot happier.

Chainsaw Death Screams - This is a very minor nitpick, but ever since Gears 4, I’ve always thought that death by chainsaw didn’t carry the horror and gruesomeness it could easily have. A simple fix would be to change the death screams of the victim from their standard death throes to when they’re killed by an incendiary grenade.
End of the day, Anthony Carmine isn’t going to just weakly groan and murmur as he’s getting bifurcated by a chainsaw like he’s just getting filled with lead.
Personally, I think having every character scream their last in utter terror, dread and agony as they’re split in two will add WAY more gravity, viscerality and fear to the chainsaw.

Curbstomp Remapping - I’ve covered and discussed this topic a few times, now, but the Curb Stomp being removed from its own rightful mechanic and reduced to a glorified pistol-only execution for the sake of a new mechanic (abilities for PvE/Arcade weapon menu) which is most likely getting Squatted if the promises for Op 4 and 5 are to be believed is upsetting to say the least.
The Curbstomp should be added as it’s own execution category, allowing you to pick which one you perform in the customisation menu- TC have missed a trick with this.

If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to add them below!

Interesting you mention this. I noticed the Locust in Tactics have something similar to this as they’re being chainsawed. So it’s not out of reach for TC to consider such things.

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I propose The Wilhelm Scream for comedic effect.

It may sometimes be funny. But all the time?