Change mantle button

Do you think it would be beneficial to change the mantle action to a different button instead of melee

I doubt this plays a big role in PvP but in PvE when trying to run up to a enemy to knife them and your character says nope and dukes of hazzard it to the other side…then you are exposed to gun fire…not fun

Maybe double tab A or make it X


It might just be me but I’ve never had a problem with this

I’m using an elite controller so I have the paddles set to roadie run and melee to make it seamless running right up and melee immediately but if it is anywhere near cover my character will mantle over

This was a huge issue with brawler until they swapped the prioritization so that melee would melee rather than jump over cover.

Its still annoying as blademaster and a bit bizarre we cant bind these actions to different keys on PC.

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Yep they need to make mantle a separate button or double table A when close to cover unless there is a better option they can think of
Blademaster, protector, striker, nomad

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