Change Language on PC

Hello! I recently downloaded Gears 4 to catch up on the story but the game is totally in Spanish and the translation is quite awful, I will like to play in English where the VAs are actually talented. is there a way to do this? MS forcing the native language and not giving an option in-game to change it is quite sad.

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I found It on another forum:
after fiddling with the settings and the ini files, there is indeed another way to switch languages. You need to go into your appdata folder, find the Gears 5 directory and go into the folder Saved, followed by Config and PC.

The directory should be the following:

C:\Users\ username \AppData\Local\Gears5\Saved\Config\PC

There you open the GameUserSettings.ini file, and in that file look for the line ’ PreferredLanguageCode= '. Fill in with the language of choice, for example EN, and boot the game - it should now be in English.

but the subtitles are also in english, I would like to change to portuguese.


I will try this, thank you!

did you can switch the language?) i hate spanish…….

Thank you. Appreciate that info :v:t3:

did you change your language already with this methode? If so, did it work?

Yes it works.
Hope they put in a setting though.

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worked :smile::+1:

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Thank you Sir! :+1:

deliciouuuuuuuuuuuuuus!! THANK YOU SO MUCH

thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi, strangely but the GameUserSettings.ini=EN doesn’t work for me and my default win lang is EN.

Whats the code for spanish? I want to play with a friend but he has trouble understanding spoken english :frowning:

Try SP

Just change your Region on Settings-> Time and Language-> Region Format. And restart the game

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My region is set to Israel English, I don’t even have Russian there and the game is in Russian

Hello! The first method didnt work for me but I changed my Windows settings and region to USA and English and it worked perfectly.

Thanks. I hate gallego spanish. Now I have it in “Español México”.

I have to change in italian but i change the region and the leanguage in Italian but the game seems not understand the switch of leanguage and I try also in" PreferredLanguageCode= " with “IT” “ITALIAN” “ITA” but noones works.

Thank you, that did the trick!