Change how you select characters please

If I squad up I can’t change my character. If ppl squad up with me they cannot either. Only way you can select characters to play pvp with that I know of is being alone and going to quickplay & before you pick a game mode & during map voting. Hope something can be done. Been like that since release.


It’s one of those things that they either don’t care at all or just forgot about it.

It would be interesting to see if they bother to answer this if it were asked during the dev streams.

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Before, we could customize our COG, Swarm, and PvE loadouts. Now we can’t even select our character in the menu.

Kinda sad how customization regressed. Back in Gears 3 and Judgment, we could change our character in the pause menu and it would take effect next game.


I would like to be able to swap cards in PvE as well. Sucks when I forget I have the wrong card on. I’m left with the choice of either quitting and letting my team down, or sticking it out with the gimped class just to save face.

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Miss those times lol. If me and someone where matching I could change in game.

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Gears 4 did it so much better.

Separate faction weapon skins was great as well.


That was great too. Loved having the option to have a different weapon skin for both.

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Same here, it helped my OCD :joy:

Swarm skins were always darker and COG had the brighter eSports skins. I’m not a fan of having to pick one skin for both.


I understand :joy:

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Pretty f*cking stupid how we cant select our characters in the… wait for it… character customization screen. You either have to be in a pregame Ranked lobby or Quick match mode selection screen. And the latter only works if you’re host of the lobby.

Sh*t is so ■■■■■■■ backwards compared to Gears 1 - 4. Also how the hell have they not addressed this is baffling.


They also need to make the option to view scoreboard after it disappears, if you wanna screenshot it you gotta take it right away, not cool